DIY: Joy Jar

Hi guys!

I wanted to share the super simply DIY that I recently made! (My first DIY post YAY!) I had seen a lot of similar ideas such as positivity jars and blessing journals and I decided I wanted to make something of my own. The idea of the joy jar is to simply write down a moment or thought of your day that brought you joy and drop it in the jar. Then on days you need a little extra joy, you can reach into the jar and pull out some joy. It might sound silly or like a waste of time, but I would suggest you to try it and see if it helps you! I'm sure it's not for everyone, but I have found that it really brightens my day and helps me to reflect with a grateful heart on the good and not so good days! 

Also, you could save the jar until the end of the year and then reflect back on all of your good memories, I like this idea a lot too!

All you need: A jar, a sticker (or piece of paper and tape), a marker or pen, some scrap paper, scissors

1. The first thing I did was write Joy onto a sticker so I could label my jar.
2. Then, I put the sticker on the jar.
3. Get some scrap paper and cut them into strips.
4. Write down your first joy and put it in the jar.
5. Place your jar in a nice space where it can be seen easily and enjoy filling it! :D

I hope you enjoyed! These make awesome gifts too. I found my jar at Target but you can really find them at any craft store. You could also thrift the jar or even pick one up at a Dollar Store for the cheapest price!

Happy Saturday! 

Christina xx


  1. Love this! Such a cute little reminder of all the good things in life


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