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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Video | 1st Vlog Ever! Our Rochester, NY Trip + Niagara Falls

Hi, friends!

I hope you enjoy this video of our trip to Rochester and Niagara Falls! We had so much fun. Let me know if you want to see more vlogs from us!


Christina xx

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Friday, October 13, 2017

Home | Pretty Little Flower Skull DIY

Hi, friends!

Happy Friday the 13th! Halloween & trick-or-treat are just around the corner! One of my favorite things about Halloween (besides the candy ;p) is the creativity that it sparks. I love how creative everyone gets with their decor and costumes! I'm always inspired to create something magical in October.

 I'm in love with this spooky + pretty little DIY skull. Plus, it's so so easy to make! I hope you like it!

Let's get started!

- Skull head (I used a cardboard one) & I got it at a Jo-Ann Fabric craft store
- Gold paint
-Paint brush
- Scissors
- Wire cutter
- Artificial flowers 

1. Paint the skull
You can of course use absolutely whatever color you like, but I wanted the skull to be gold.
1 layer of paint would have been fine, but I liked how it looked with 2!
2. Poke holes into the top
Use scissors to gently poke a few holes in the top of the skull, where you want the flowers to go.
3. Cut the flowers
Use wire cutters (or scissors) to cut the flowers down to make them shorter so they fit into the skull.
4. Put in the flowers
Put the shortened flowers into the holes and make the top look how you want it to look!
& You are finished! 
You know have a glam little flower skull for Halloween, or Fall... or all year long if that's your thing!
 (You do you :D)
If you're looking for some more Halloween DIYs, here are a few I did last year:
3 No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas! | Spooky Halloween Bar/Candy Cart!
What are you going to be for Halloween?!


Christina xx

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Travel | Donuts Delite/Salvatore's Old Fashioned Pizzeria- Date Diary {Rochester, NY}

 Hi, friends!

Donuts Delite/Salvatore's Old Fashioned Pizzeria was one of our favorite places that we visited while we were in Rochester. It was the cutest diner I've ever been to. Fred and I both heard that Donuts Delite was a must-see for our trip. The diner served an unbeatable combination of donuts and pizza! The pizza slices were so surprisingly huge. Fred had the pepperoni + sausage pizza. I came for the donuts so I got their famous cannoli donut and a creme tarte. They did not disappoint! Mmmm, I'm craving one right about now. I'd never had a cannoli donut before and let me tell ya, it was dreamy. I should have brought a box of them home with us haha. Fred got an original honey glazed that was also super delicious! I know cause I stole a bite... I'm so happy we got to go in October because the diner was decorated for Halloween! We had so much fun on our day date here. It ended up being both of ours favorite day from the trip. We ate some amazing donuts and then went and out explored Ontario Beach Park.
 The cannoli donut ^^^
Fred wanted a picture of me with the giant sprinkled donut!
 (If I looks stiff, it's because a lady was watching us lolz)
If you're ever in the area, you have to stop and try the cannoli donut! You'll probably want a picture in front of the pink wall and next to the big sprinkled donut too because they're adorable. Definitely go hungry so you can chow on both pizza & donuts! The slices are h u g e!

Happy Thursday!


Christina xx

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Style | Red Sweater Dress + QuiQuattro GIVEAWAY!

 Hi, friends!

Fred & I just recently got back from New York. We've had quite the week! We were in Rochester for a week on business and we stopped at Niagara Falls on our way back to Ohio. Then when we got to Ohio, we drove North to Fred's hometown to help our sister and brother-in-law move into their new house! Neither of us had been to Niagara Falls before so we decided to visit while we were so close by. I'm so glad we got to see it! The falls and all of the surroundings were beautiful. We were really fortunate to see it in October! We also had beautiful scenery in all of our drives because the leaves were so vibrant. I'm so very thankful that we got to take this trip together. We had a wonderful time working and sightseeing there. It was a much needed trip for me! Sometimes, you just need a change of scenery to be renewed and to find new inspiration & motivation. Traveling to new places always inspires me to work and live better and more intentionally.
I will posting more about our trip later!
Today, I wanted to tell you guys a little about QuiQuattro. For those of you who aren't familiar, QuiQuattro is a hand crafted accessories boutique that provides sustainable economic opportunities for international artisans. They aim to create a viable marketplace for their products in North America and 10% of the proceeds go to educating women.

Their motto is:
Empowering women while protecting the environment and natural resources because we're all connected.  

Their mission is one that's close to my heart... Not to mention their accessories are so beautiful and chic! The gorgeous necklace that I'm wearing is the "Justice" style statement necklace.
& I have some exciting news! I've teamed up with QuiQuattro for a giveaway on my Instagram page!

QuiQuattro will be giving away one of their "Justice" necklaces to one of you!

To enter:
1. Be sure you're following me on Instagram @bgbychristina
2. Follow QuiQuattro on Instagram @quiquattro
3. Be sure to like my "giveaway" photo that will be up on my Instagram page today.  
(It will say giveaway, so you know it's the right one!)

4. Comment the photo by tagging a friend or two that would love to win this necklace! 

That's it! The contest will run for one week from October 11th to October 17th @ midnight.
I'll announce the randomly selected winner on Wed. October 18th on my Instagram!

Good luck!


Christina xx

Similar Red Sweater Dress - Forever 21
"Justice" Ornate Silver Statement Necklace - QuiQuattro
Similar Round Aviators - Charlotte Russe
Embroidered Rose Cuff - Rosegal
Black Hat - Rue 21
Black Tights - MODCLOTH
Similar Black Knee-High Boots - Forever 21

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*I've received product from QuiQuattro and Rosegal. All opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting the companies that support BG by Christina! 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Style | Autumn Sweater Wishlist!

Hi, guys!

It's officially sweater weather so I thought I'd share some of my most wanted falls sweaters with you! Sweaters are so fun to buy because they look adorable + stylish but they feel so comfy + cozy... It's a win on both ends! 

Here are the sweaters on my wishlist:
 (starting at the top row & going left to right)

I love sweaters with flow-y, batwing style sleeves!

You can never have too many neutral cardigans! 

I love heather in a fabric and the one shoulder detail makes this one even better.

That olive color is so stunning and the cold shoulder detail is so chic!

The color and style of this one are so dreamy. This one is a must-have.

I love some faux fur detail! This cardigan is perfect for fall and the upcoming holiday season!

Which sweater is your fave?!


Christina xx

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*This post was sponsored by Rosegal! All opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting the companies that support BG by Christina! 

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Lifestyle | Coffee W/C {10/17}

 Hi guys!

Grab some coffee, let's catch up!

I'm answering the "Currently" tag that I found on my sister-in-law's blog, Life as Louise & some fun fall themed "this or that" questions!

So, here's what I've been up to currently:

You guys, I've been slacking on my reading! I gotta get back into the swing. I'm going to start reading more scripture and I'm wanting to get a library card so I can find some new books!

I'm getting ready to start making dinner. I'm trying a new recipe! If all goes well, tonight we will be eating Copycat Applebee's Style 3 Cheese Chicken Penne from Genius Kitchen. Here's the recipe, if you're interested! Fred and I have been hooked on this Stromboli recipe from the blog Lauren's Latest. We've made it at least 2 times and it's really easy to make!

Very excited for some fall things that are coming up. We have a couple of trips planned that I'm really looking forward to! I've also been feeling overwhelmed with some health issues again. :/
It feels like it's always one thing after another. I'm beginning to wonder if that's just the nature of auto-immune diseases? (Hoping & praying it's not!)

I've been planning a lot of different things for the blog. I'm wanting to create new blog series and change my schedule a bit. If there's anything you wanna see more of, send me a suggestion! 

I've been pinning a lot of New Year's Eve type pins for my family's annual party. I'm so pumped for the holidays this year. I'm already planning my outfit for New Years haha!

Recovering From
A few changes with my treatment plan for UC and migraines. I've had to change a few things pretty recently and my body has NOT adjusted yet!!

Looking Forward To 
The holiday season! I'm looking forward to all of the holidays. I'm super excited for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years! Fall is my favorite season. I'm kind of obsessed with Christmas and December is my favorite month! I just love being with family and friends and seeing them more often. I love doing fall & winter themed things and I pretty much love everything about the Christmas season. I'm looking forward to decorating, buying gifts and everyone being jolly and cheerful.
This or That {Fall Edition}

Haunted House or Apple Picking?
 Definitely, apple picking. I get spooked too easily.

Tricks or Treats?
All the treats. My sweet tooth loves Halloween candy and fall treats!

Pumpkin Latte or Pumpkin Pie?
 Hmm... I love both, but it's gotta be pumpkin lattes!

Bobbing for Apples or Jumping Into Leaves?
Jumping in the leaves!

Spiced Cider or Pumpkin Spice?
Pumpkin spice, but I do love cider!

How's your fall going so far?!


Christina xx

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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Wedding | My Bridal Accessories

Hi, friends!

I'm an accessories girl all the way! All of my bridal accessories are very special to me and I thought I'd share the details with you! I love the detail shots that my friend + photographer, Kylie Noelle Photography captured for me! They turned out so beautifully. I get asked a lot of questions about what I wore on my big day, so I hope you enjoy this post! 
I really like detail shots with a few props thrown in! I brought the gold tray and the vintage mirror for my detail pictures. My photographer brought the blush ribbon. 

I've had the gold mirrored tray for years and I found it at a Goodwill store. 
You can find similar ones here & here & here
I found the mirror at Muse Atelier. I would say your best bet in finding a similar one would be at a thrift/antique type of store. They can be quite pricey online.
These ones here & here & here are pretty options!
My Maid of Honor & bestie got me this gold dust shimmer mist. 
She got it at Charming Charlie & here's a really similar one here.
A bridesmaid's dress makes for a cool background in a detail shot! ^^^
 My pearl clutch was a vintage Etsy find. I got it for $12.94! It was 1970s clutch, but definitely had a 1920s vibe. You can check out the shop that I got it at here.
You can find similar ones here & here & here.
I really love the slight shimmer in the shoes and the light rose gold shade matched the blush underlay of my dress perfectly. I also love that the heel wasn't intimidating because I wanted to feel comfortable walking in them. I think I got them online at Go Jane, but I'm not 100% sure! 
Here are a few very similar pairs: here & here & here.
My necklace is from treasures570 and you can find it here.
With the back of my dress having a low v-cut design, I really want a backdrop necklace.
This piece ended up being one of my favorite accessories!
 My veil had a cathedral train length with a champagne/rose gold sequin beading design.
I got it from David's Bridal. This one here is very similar!
I got my earrings from GlamorousBijoux & you can find them here
They had a teardrop/rose shape with a dangling pearl drop.
My mom wore her Rebecca Minkoff feather bracelet that I got her. 
I love this picture of both of our special bracelets. 
I got my beaded bracelet from PowderBlueBijoux. You can find it here
The beading really was so stunning on it.
The tiny ring that I'm wearing with a colored stone is from ulalajewels. I love this ring so so much because it's Fred's birthstone and my birthstone connected! 
Here's a similar one here.
I LOVE the garter that I found. Roses have a special meaning to me, so I knew this was the one that I wanted to wear. I got it online from NAFEstudio.
You can find it here.
& Here is the toss garter that I wore.
I got my bridal headpiece from PowderBlueBiJoux. It was exactly what I wanted. I wanted something that would be glamorous but still have an unconventional, bohemian vibe. The flower was beautiful and I knew I wanted to have some kind of flower in my hair, but I wanted it to pair well with my dress! The hanging strands of pearls was my favorite thing about it! 
Also, I thought about making my own headpiece until I found this one. So you could definitely DIY something similar!
Here are some similar pieces: here & here & here.
My mom got me this rose gold ankle bracelet with a tiny turquoise blue rose on it as my "something blue". Tears well up in my eyes just thinking about this moment. This dainty bracelet is now such a  treasure to me. I think she may have found it on Etsy and I do know that it was from a shop based outside of the US. 

Here are a few similar anklets: here & here & here.

P.S- This is such an amazing idea for a "something blue" gift!
Have you guys been enjoying my wedding series on the blog? Any requests? Let me know!


Christina xx

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1 Timothy 6:8 

*All photos by Kylie Noelle Photography.