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Hi, my friends!

I hope you’re having an amazing spring season. It’s hard to believe that we’ve been in our new home for over a year now! I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting lately and I thought I’d share some of my thoughts and ramblings with you. I also thought you might like a little update on the current house projects that we currently have rolling! I’m pretty sure spring flew by in the blink of an eye for us. It seriously feels like time is on fast forward or something.

First, let me give a quick recap –

 Fred and I moved to a new city and a new house in the fall of 2020. We had previously been living in an apartment together and we were there for 4 years. This is our first home and I feel like the new homeowner excitement has not worn off yet! It has been such an amazing experience making our house a home.

In the beginning, one of the reasons we loved this house so much was because it was a blank slate. The layout and bones of the house were exactly what we were looking for and we felt confident that we could really transform the space.

We’ve only been here for a year and we don’t have plans of moving anytime soon, but we just recently helped a friend move so the moving process has been fresh on my mind! Moving can be so stressful and looking back now, there are definitely things that I would’ve done differently!

The two big ones being:

1)      More Preparation & Organization

I think the moving process would have been less stressful for me if I had been better organized. I didn’t do the best job of organizing the things that we were bringing with us to the new house and that added more time to the process of settling in. I plan on doing more prep and organization for my future moves. I also like the idea of having a big clear out before a move so that you can sell and donate any items that you don’t want to take to the new place.

2)      Hire A Moving Team

We are so thankful that we have family and friends who gave up their weekend to help us move!

However, I know it’s a physically taxing job and it’s not the most enjoyable. My advice would be to leave it to the professionals if you can! If you’re an Ohio local, definitely check out Bearded Brothers Moving Group, LLC

They specialize in long-distance moving in Youngstown Ohio. I know I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, I would’ve loved to have them help us last year!


Now for a few of our current home projects:


Landscaping Front & Back Yard

When we first moved in, the front and back yard were both almost completely bare. This spring we have focused on sprucing up the yards a bit. It’s been really fun planting flowers and trees. My dad did an amazing job with helping us choose plants and he has helped us plant everything too. We’ve also gotten help from Fred’s parents with mulching!  We are really hoping to get a deck built in the backyard this summer, but I’m not sure if that’s going to happen just yet.

In terms of design, we have barely done anything to the backyard but we do have a lot of big plans for it! We have a stone patio and we were just given beautiful patio furniture from Fred’s grandparents. It has some wear and tear on it, so we are going to be painting it soon. I want to add some special touches to the patio like string lights to make it feel cozier!



Fred has recently gotten into woodworking and he’s already made us so many cool things! He’s made a desk for our living room, a bench for our entryway and a raised planter for our vegetable garden outside. He’s currently working on building new shutters, because we don’t love the current ones that came on the house.


Entryway Design

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know that I’ve been working with an interior designer on the design of our front entryway. We weren’t sure what we wanted to do with that space so it’s been super helpful to have direction! We just got in our wallpaper for our entryway wall, so hopefully sometime this week we will be able to get that up. I’m currently gathering d├ęcor to hang above the bench that we have right by out front door!

I always get home related questions on Instagram, so I hope you enjoyed this kind of post. I personally love hearing about other people’s home projects, moving process, etc.

I just find it super interesting. Please leave a comment, I would love to know what summer house projects you have planned, or are currently working on!



Christina xx

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