Wedding DIY: Framed Greeting Cards

Hi guys!

Today I'm sharing this super simple and cheap DIY! I've made a lot of these for my wedding and I've also made these for my house in the past. It's definitely a project for any occasion, it's not limited to weddings! 

I thought these cards were just too beautiful not to display at the wedding. I got  the "Happily Ever After" card and the "To Have & To Hold" card from Anthropologie and the golden heart doily is from Target I believe. My favorite thing about this DIY is how economical it is! It saved me a lot of money to use cards and buy my own frames. You can get them soo cheap you guys! You can use frames you already have or you could thrift some. It's a cheaper deal than buying framed artwork which can be pricey! I hope you like this DIY and have fun if you give it a try for yourself! 

Supplies: Cards, any clippings or cute scrapbook pieces that you want to frame, scissors, tape, possibly the envelope the card came in or maybe some scrap paper, picture frames

1. First size the card/piece that you want to frame and make sure that it looks how you want it to look within the the size of the frame it's going in. You might need to tape the card to an envelope or scrap paper to keep it centered or to take up enough space if the card is not the exact size of the frame. 

*Since I framed a gold heart doily, I had to tape it down onto the from of an envelope so that it would look better in the frame. 

2. Then, you might need to trim the card or the paper to fit into the frame.

3. I also found it helpful to tape the back of the card/paper/whatever you used to the actual backing of the frame to keep it centered and stable. 

And they're complete! So easy right?! Set them out or hang them up and enjoy! 

Have a great Thursday!

Christina xx

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