Ann Arbor Trip {Michigan}

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Hi guys--

Back in January my friends took a weekend trip to visit our friend Brandon and see his new place! It was so nice being reunited with everyone and I had such a good time. On Saturday the guys went to a car show and the girls stayed behind and explored the city. I had never been to Ann Arbor and I didn't expect to fall in love so quickly! There were so many amazing, unique little shops there, I bought a few items for Spring and a few vintage items for the wedding but it's a good thing I was on a budget or else I would've bought everything!!! My favorite stores were Muse Atelier (which I have an entire post on because the setup was just so adorable), Dear Golden (all of the pictures featured in this post with the hanging umbrellas and bicycles are from the Dear Golden store!) and Ragstock (I unfortunately didn't get any pictures of this store, I think my hands were too full of clothes). 

I found Ann Arbor so charming, I'm super excited to go back and explore more! We had lunch at Zingerman's because it was recommended to us by the sweet owner of Muse. The subs were soo good! They have every kind of bread, cheese, topping, etc. in the world! But yeah, it was so much fun getting together with everyone, exploring the city, trying new foods and thrifting for finds. On Sunday, we all attended Brandon's church service. It means so much to me that we can all go to church and worship together.. best friends a girl could ask for!

Happy Friday!

Christina xx

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