BG by Christina: DIY: Wedding "Pop The Question" Bridesmaid Balloon Ask

Saturday, March 12, 2016

DIY: Wedding "Pop The Question" Bridesmaid Balloon Ask

Hi friends!

I saw this adorable idea for a balloon pop bridesmaid ask on Pinterest by Intimate Weddings  (click the link to see that DIY post and other cute ideas for ways to ask your bridesmaids). I knew I had to have a balloon involved in how I asked my bridesmaids! I decided to put some confetti and a little message in the balloon. I inflated the balloons and tied them to their gift bags. I then wrote "Pop the question" on paper shapes and fastened a sewing pin to it. Then, I taped the shapes to the bag and it's complete! You can of course fill the gift bags with whatever you like. I put nail polish, sweet treats and a picture frame in mine. I loved seeing my bridesmaids pop their balloons to get to the question.  How did you or/would you ask your bridesmaids, let me know! I love hearing all of the creative ideas that are out there.

Happy Saturday! I hope you have an awesome weekend!

Christina xx

Materials: balloons, confetti (optional), paper, paper shapes, sewing pins, gift bags ribbon, tape, pen