Muse Atelier {Ypsilanti, Michigan}

Hey guys!

A couple of months ago, my friends took a weekend trip to Michigan to visit our friend Brandon! On Saturday, all of the guys went to a car show and all of the girls went shopping/exploring the city. The first store we stumbled into was Muse Atelier! Muse Atelier is the most charming little store and it has the most charming little owner! She was seriously so kind and welcoming to us. She offered us cookies and let us hang around foreverrr haha. I picked up a few wedding things so I was  wandering the store and I was taking pictures of practically everything because it was all so perfect. 

I ended up buying a necklace, a hand mirror and a jewelry box (it's pictured in the second photo) ... I love it so much! 

I hope you're having a wonderful week!

Christina xx

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