My Tips For Less Waste & More Resourcefulness In Body-Care/Beauty Products!

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Today I wanted to share a few tips on how I'm trying to be less wasteful when it comes to my body-care/beauty routines! I love to try new things and I've always had an interest in bath+body+beauty lines. I grew up with a very glamorous Mom who stressed the importance of self care and I believe that's what sparked my initial interest. Now, I'm fascinated by my favorite beauty bloggers on Youtube and if you're like me, you probably watch a marathon of videos and then want to go splurge at Sephora. A couple of years ago, I was taking a look at what was in my collection and I realized I had a lot of excess and it bothered me. I noticed that I had items I would never use because I keep buying new items to try! It was then that I decided I was going to stop buying new products until my others were used up. This is the system I've had for awhile now and it's so rewarding to see that I'm not wasting product like I used to. Also, we all know makeup/body-care can be EXPENSIVE and I'm glad I don't have a ton of products sitting on my vanity or under the sink that will just collect dust. I'm  still learning, researching and experimenting the best ways to be less wasteful in my house but it's a big topic on my heart. So if you're interested or curious in reading a few tips that I've found very helpful, please keep reading! 

Have a great Thursday friends!

Christina xx
1. This tip is a great money saver! If you like experimenting with higher end makeup, sign up for the rewards club at Sephora, or whatever beauty store you frequent the most. I also love Clinique products, so I search the internet for gift with purchase options so I can get an entire makeup bag of products for free! I save and use absolutely every freebie or sample that I get. This will save you money and allow you to try out new things! Also, I keep track of what I'm out of and want to buy more of, for example say I'm out of moisturizer and mascara.. I will then look and see if Sephora has one of those items in the rewards section or look to see if Clinique's gift with purchase includes those items. Recently, I've only made a purchase when I'm getting needed items discounted or for free!
2. Cut your lotion/product bottles open! When my lotions are running low and I can't get any more product out of them, I will take scissors and cut them. This one might sound really silly, but there is a ton of product left in them most of the time! If you just throw it out first, a lot of product is going to waste. I do the same thing with soap bottles (even makeup removers), I don't cut them but I rinse them with water and you can get a couple more uses out of them easily!
3. Okay so I'm really weird and I separate everything seasonally. I love to have a different scent for each season to look forward to and to celebrate the season that I'm in. This has actually helped me to be able to try new scents, but not stockpile body-care products. I used to have so many that it was excess for me. I spent a few years, using up all my accumulated product and not buying any new lotions or perfumes because I did not need them! Now I will have a lotion and scent for each season, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. That way I can try new scents, when I run out of one I'll buy a new scent I want to try. However, it's limited how much I let myself have at home so I don't buy a ton of products.
4. Since I practically use my small samples for everything, I have a ton of sample bottles. I save some of them as helpful traveling tools. They're the perfect travel size for product, so I keep a few in my closet and use them when I'm traveling. You can recycle the rest of them!
5. Save your samples (no matter how small)! I used to see these and just throw them away because they're so small. Now I save them and use them! I get a handful of wears out of them, if you've never tried it, try it.. there's more in there than you'd think!
6. I display my lipsticks and lip glosses on my vanity so I see them in eyesight and use them. I used to keep all of my lip colors in a drawer and I never realized how much I actually had so I would keep buying ones that I liked when I was out shopping. One day, I realized I had probably 20+ pink lipsticks! That is ridiculous for me ha ha I do not need 20+ pink shades. I have not bought a pink one since! Displaying them all has helped me to see them and use them more!
7. I keep a makeup bag full of makeup that I don't really like. I will use these products when I'm not really caring what I look like, that way the items get used up. I use up all my product, so I only buy new when I'm completely out of something. This has saved me from being wasteful!
8. I use the product until the very last drop. (This is a picture of the Spring scent I'm currently wearing, I actually ran out of it today!) I know it bothers a lot of people to see a few uses left, they consider it  empty and throw it away.. but if you keep it around you can get a few more uses out of it!

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