Hey guys--

I almost never wear this much black, but some days I'm just in the mood for it.. ya know? There's somethin' about it that just makes me feel mysterious and if it's black + lace yesss even better! I love it!

The day we took these pictures it was soo soo windy! The wind seriously blew my hat off a few times ha ha so my hair looked really lovely of course. The wind would lift up my kimono and dress too so that was interesting. And guys I'm pretty sure this dress shrunk in the wash, it's more of a tunic now. I didn't feel the most comfortable in it. The whole time I was thinking, "has it always been this short???" let's just say this was probably the last time I'll wear it without any tights underneath. It was also way too cold for this look. When we were finished shooting, I went immediately into the house, took this outfit off and threw on a sweater to wear grocery shopping.

But these pictures have different angles and perspectives to them because Fred was inspired and had some ideas and I love how different they turned out from my other posts! I love that he's always so interested in helping me and capturing the vision I had in my mind. I love him!

I hope you're all having a great week so far! 

Christina xx

Wearing: Forever 21 Burgundy Hat, Forever 21 Black Lace Kimono, Deb Shops Black Slip Dress, Charming Charlie Black Beaded Necklace, Charlotte Russe Black Booties

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