Motivation Tips For Making Healthier Choices

Hey guys!

Some days it's so incredibly hard for me to get and stay motivated in my health and fitness routine! I'm still terrible at staying consistent, but I keep trying and I have found some things along the way that have helped me! I wanted to write this post to kind of start the conversation! Please share your tips with me, I'm always looking for new motivation and hopefully one or two of these tips will help you!

1. Always always always remember health above fitness!
 My tips are not going to be in order of importance, except for this one! This one is definitely number one on my list! Health should always goes before fitness in all decisions. When it comes to food and when it comes to working out, I hold health above fitness. It's way more to give your body enough fuel and to work out less strenuously to keep your body healthy. That is way more important than making health and fitness choices that better you physically. It can be very challenging at times to shift your mindset to seeing healthy as the more important thing, but it's so important! Remind yourself that the healthiest you, you can be is the most attractive you!

2. Don't be hard on yourself! (Know when challenging yourself turns into pushing yourself too far!)
Okay, now I bet you're thinking these are not tips that are gonna motivate me to go kick some butt in the gym and yes maybe so, however they are the foundation for my health and fitness routine. For various health reasons, there are many days where I have limitations. I think it's important to keep yourself challenged, but also keep in mind that challenging yourself can turn into pushing yourself too far. It's super important to know your limitations. If there are days that you are sick, it's perfectly okay to give your body rest. If there are days where you eat a treat, or two, it is not the end of the world. However, the main goal is being as healthy as we can be so eating foods that aren't great for us shouldn't become a habit, but we shouldn't beat ourselves up for not always following along!

3. Remind yourself why you're making the choices you are!
I've found that it really helps me when I remind myself of my intentions behind my actions. For example.. the days that I go to Starbucks and want to buy an iced latte with lots of caramel syrup and sugar, but choose an unsweetened iced coffee with coconut milk instead I remind myself why. Or the day I want to go buy frosted brownies for my snack, but choose a handful of dark chocolate chips and  a fruit instead I remind myself why. I have the biggest sweet tooth so it's crazy hard for me to beat my sugar cravings, but every time I make a healthier decision I affirm myself. I say to myself, "you really want that brownie, latte, etc. but you want to treat your body right and you want to grow healthier!" It makes it easier for me to fight the cravings. It's the same way with working out. On the days that I feel lazy and want to lay in bed and watch Netflix, I say to myself "It's only gonna be a small part of your night to go jog and you'll feel so much better afterwards knowing that you took that step to make your body healthier". Don't get me wrong, these aren't magic thoughts. It's still very very difficult for me, but this helps me stay on track because I really do care about my health and it's the true intention of my heart in making different choices!

4. Have treat days!
Alright, so this is fave one! Ha ha just kidding, but ohh do I look forward to those treat days! A lot of people don't agree that there should be any days where you eat unhealthy, or get off track. If you are one of those people, that's totally fine! You know your body and you are of course entitled to your own opinion. I've found that creating and following a system that gets me to treat days has been awesome motivation for me! As I mentioned, I have a huge sweet tooth! Knowing that working out and eating healthy during the week leads to treat days, motivates me like crazy to stay on track and work diligently so I can get that latte and those brownies that I dream of all week through! Some days you gotta treat yo self! (We're actually really lucky if we're in the financial state to treat ourselves every now and then and I try my very hardest not to take that for granted!)

5. Start with small steps!
It can be as simple as making small changes to your daily routine. This alone will end up being huge! You walk instead of taking the stairs, you leave the added sugar out of your coffee, you go for a run after work instead of retiring on the couch, you pick healthier options at the grocery store.. the small things will turn into big things! These things will ease you into making healthier choices and help you from getting overwhelmed!

6. Buy healthy groceries, keep your house free from junk!
This one has been huge in helping me! I've learned, if there are cookies lying around, I'll eat them all! Now, I think it's fine to have cookies every now and then but I'm talking about most day to day life. When I only buy healthy options at the grocery store, I only have healthy options at home when I'm hungry or wanting to snack. I then have to leave my house to get something else to eat. This especially comes in handy for me when I'm wanting midnight snacks! I definitely don't want to leave at night to go get something else, so I find a snack that's already in my pantry. 

7. Have fun!
Try to have a little fun along the way! Find activities that are fun for you to do and help you stay physically active! Chances are if you're actually enjoying what you're doing, you'll keep on doin' it! 

8. Look for alternatives!
I've had a lot of fun with this tip! Think about all of the food that you love that isn't the healthiest and then recreate it the best you can making it healthier for yourself! I have tried to create pizzas, banana splits and nachos & I'm sure other stuff that I'm not thinking of right now! But this can be really fun to do by yourself or with someone else to make new recipes!

Hope these find you well! Have a great day!

Christina xx

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