Italian Festival!

Hey friends!!

The other night, Fred and I went to an Italian Festival and it was so much fun. It was definitely a treat day for me, we ate so much food! Pizza + tiramisu is an unbeatable combination! Fred got a piece of pepperoni pizza and it was soo good. I wanted a piece for myself but I stuck with the "Roniboli" which was a pepperoni and cheese calzone. We took mine to go because we knew I couldn't eat all of it at the festival without my stomach hurting ha ha. We forgot to get a to-go cup for the marinara sauce, but I wanted it SOO bad so Fred held the little cup the whole car ride home.  That is true love! (The marinara sauce is featured in the black and white pictures of us in the car LOL) 

We forgot to bring cash with us to the festival, so our first mission was to find an ATM. We couldn't believe that we forgot cash for a festival. That's pretty much the one thing you need, but it slipped my mind! We were lucky I had some cash in my purse to pay for our tickets. Italian food is my absolute favorite kind of food. Pizza is my ultimate weakness. I also love the music and performers that are at the festival, it's always a fun time! I'm so glad we went and ate all the yummy food. I wanted to go every day that it was open for more food, but we refrained ha ha! 

Happy Tuesday! What's your favorite food? Been to any fun festivals lately?

Christina xx


  1. Yum! Everything looks so delicious and festive! I'm not a huge pizza fan but I love Italian sausage sandwiches!


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