Lifestyle | Apple Picking Adventure!

Hey guys!

I know this post is LONGG overdue. I'm sorry it's getting posted so late! We've had a lot going on the past two weeks an it's been really hard for me to blog. I would like to ask for continued prayers for my health and clarity and peace in decision making. The warm wishes and support have meant so much to the both us! We really appreciate it :D

I do have some exciting posts coming up so I'm really hoping to feel well and have the energy to get everything together! 

We've been trying to enjoy these last few weeks of fall before winter hits. Outfit posts always become more challenging with snow and freezing temperatures, brrr! But I LOVE Christmas so much. I've been in the spirit for awhile now. I was listening to Christmas music before Halloween so I'm beyond ready to start my shopping, baking and gift wrapping! It just puts me in a good mood to see festive decorations on houses and in stores and watch holiday movies! I love it all.

Let me know what you're the most excited about for this holiday season! & I hope you enjoy this post! These are a few pics from our apple picking/pumpkin picking date that we went on a few weeks ago. This place had amazing hot dogs and apple cider. It was seriously delicious. It was definitely a treat day for me. Apple cider has always been one of my favorite fall specialties. As a kid, my family would go to an apple orchard every year and we would all get these apple cider slushies that were the bomb. I'm craving one right now just thinking about it. 

 Have an awesome, awesome weekend guys!

Christina xx


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