Our First Married Christmas + Q&A

Hi friends!

I thought it would be fun to do a Q&A reflecting on our first couple of months as a married couple! I'll treasure these answers and pictures in our first place together forever. I found a questionnaire and Fred & I asked each other the questions. We didn't know each others answers beforehand. Marrying Fred is the best thing that I did this year (& the best thing of my life) I had to celebrate it! I hope you enjoy our answers! I invite all of you to do this with your significant other, it's fun to see each other's answers!


Christina xx

P.S - A huge thank you to my mother-in-law Lisa for providing us with such pretty Christmas decorations! Because of her, our place is filled with holiday cheer! 

(Found these questions on the blog Friday We're In Love)

1. What has brought you closer together this year?
F: Living in the same house because I get to come home and talk about my day or share news with you. There's more time to just be together and less pressure to utilize the time we have together.

C: Sharing everything and spending more time together. Since we share the same space, you see me in all circumstances, situations and moods & vice versa. Being able to share the true depths of our hearts has brought us so much closer. 

2. What is your favorite memory of this first year together so far?
F:  The entire honeymoon was so much fun. The tiki bar at night eating cake with you, the morning on the beach with Timo and Irene and the turtles, going to the store, the fire drill, the pool, being on the beach under our umbrella.. All of that aside though, I liked going to the pumpkin patch with you and taking those pictures of you when you were so cold picking pumpkins.. drinking cider, eating hot dogs and passing that Italianate house on the way home and starting that entire conversation about our future house. 

C: When I walked down the aisle and saw you. I'd been waiting my whole life for that moment and it was filled with such emotion. The entire honeymoon was the best, swimming in the pool with you at our hotel, waking up to you making us smoothies, walking around at night in search of pizza and candy, just being lazy and laying around our room watching Paw Patrol or Shark Tank! I also loved the Christmas tree festival with you and how exciting it was to finally get to see it after wanting to go since you'd told me about it. 

3. Did you have a wedding or honeymoon disaster that you are already laughing about?
F:  When we went on a "free lunch" 20 dollars up front + tip that turned into a 4 hour sales pitch with a convoluted and opaque payment system. They were selling "ownership" of a property (renting a hotel room) and the lady used fear tactics, guilt and death of loved ones to sell it to us.

C: When we had that layover on the way to our honeymoon and I got a migraine at the airport. I was so nauseous and threw up in a bag on the floor of the airport as we waited to board our plane. The other passengers didn't want to board that plane with me (can't blame 'em). I was in so much pain and embarrassed and felt so bad for you dealing with me!

4. What has surprised you most about being married?
F: I think realizing how selfish I am.. How I want to do what I want to do when I get off work and I don't put priority on your to-do list. I get annoyed when my agenda gets interrupted. I'm surprised by how much you shape your life around mine, get up with me, make me lunch every morning, recognize my needs of eating dinner and doing the chores when I get home and just overall trying to please me. It makes sense when you're dating to look for opportunities to do nice stuff for the other person, but when you share the same space and have your own stuff to do, the choice to put someone else first isn't as obvious. 

C: I'm surprised by how much you help me with literally everything. I'm surprised with how on my own I don' feel. You constantly remind me that everything I'm going through, you're going through, that my burdens are your burdens. You will stay up late, go out into the cold, go out of your way to help me with things that no one else would. 

5. Anything surprising you've learned about your partner?
F: Nothing too surprising. I'm surprised at all the treats you make me, all of the muffins. Also, you sleep diagonally.

C: Since we live together now, I've gotten to see a lot more rough drafts of your ideas and various projects and I'm blown away every time by your creativity. They're so cool! I feel so lucky that I get to see all of the behind the scenes for your projects. It's given me a clearer picture of your talent and passion and it always inspires me. Also, you're very precise and I knew that before but I was still surprised by how many things you have a particular routine/method for.   

6. What is a bonus quality you received in your spouse that you didn't know about until you were married?
F: The house always smells good. You keep candles stocked in every room, you keep up with the seasons on body scents and you bake all the time! I knew all of this about you, but I didn't get to experience the baking as much and it was always your house that smelled good, not mine. Haha, now it's ours!

C: I didn't know just how great of a provider and care taker that you were until we were married. You do everything in your power to care for me and provide for our needs. The endless supply of your devotion to everything that you love has been revealed to me in marriage. <3

7. If you could do anything different what would you do?
F: I don't like the idea of wishing I could change something. Maybe less stress in the wedding planning. 

C: I wouldn't stress so much about the wedding! I would be more laid back in the planning and details and just enjoy more! I also fail miserably at putting you first. I want to be less selfish and put your needs and well being first no matter what my circumstances are. I also need to pursue faith and joy for us. I need to worry less and choose faith over fear. 

8. What have you learned from your spouse this year?
F: I've learned that things are better when they're done by both of us. I always made my space the way I wanted it, but I've learned that my space is better when it's shared. The space is no longer mine, it's ours and I'm very glad about that!

C: I learn so much from you all of the time. You're the hardest worker I know and I'm constantly motivated by you to pursue my dreams and work harder for us. You've made me so much more organized and I clean WAY more and it's become my habit now because of you! I've also never been more productive or made more to-do lists!

9. How have your feelings changed in this first year together?
F: My feelings have grown deeper and more broad. We used to only see each other after we had the time to prepare and look our best. Now we're together all the time, groomed or not. I've fallen more in love with who you are all the time not just at your best.

C: I find so many new things to love about you all the time. Sharing the same space was new for us and it's revealed to me a lot of new ways to love you! We've had so many celebrations and joy in this first year married and a lot of trying obstacles. My feelings for you have grown stronger through everything that we've faced and experienced together. 

10. What is something that you've done that has worked and really made a difference in your marriage that you would give as advice to be successful to others on their wedding day?
F: Talk as much as you can. It's easy to talk when you're dating cause you're together specifically to talk about and learn more about each other. When you live together, it's easy to get wrapped up in what you want to do after work. It's easy to watch TV during dinner or play video games before bed. It's also easy to talk to you, but I still need to be intentional about setting aside time to do it. :)

C: Hold back in moments of stress and anger. I'm far from good at this, but in the times that I've held my tongue when one of us was angry has saved us from fighting. Remaining calm and thinking through the situation, keeps things from escalating. I always feel better afterwards because I don't have to feel guilty for something I said rashly. 


Red or Green?
F: Green, I think it looks prettier.
C: I love red and green, but red!

Candy Canes or Gingerbread Men?
F: Candy canes taste better.
C: Definitely Gingerbread men, they're cuter.

Santa's Elves or Santa's Reindeer?
F: Santa's Reindeer, less creepy.
C: Santa's Reindeer, I just like 'em.

Cookies or Cocoa?
F: Cookies cause they're good hot and cold.

Snow Angels or Snow Ball Fights?
F: Snow ball fight, less likely to get snow down the back of your shirt.
C: Snow angels, less likely to get hit in the face.

Wrapping Gifts or Trimming the Tree?
F: Wrapping gifts, cleaner finished product.
C: Trimming the tree, he's the master gift wrapper ^^^

Sleigh Ride or Polar Express?
F: Polar Express, much warmer.
C: Polar Express, I think it'd be cool!

Silver Bells or Mistletoe?
F: Mistletoe ;)
C: Meet me under ^

Shopping... In Store or Online?
F: In store cause you don't have to worry if it's gonna arrive in time.
C: Online, you can do it in your cozy pants and I love getting packages!

Lights... White or Colored?
F: Classic white.
C: Do I have to pick?! This year... colored!

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  1. Well this is cute. I bet I'd never get Kyle to answer those questions ;) Maybe the Christmas-y ones, haha. See you soon!


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