BG by Christina: Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!


Happy New Year friends!!!

I thought it would be fun to do a recap of some of my favorite memories/moments from 2016 and then share some of my new year's resolutions with you! I love personal posts like this, because they're so nice to look back on in the future. Just to warn you, I have a lot of favorite moments probably because of all of our wedding fun... And I have a lot of resolutions because I do every year. I love the fresh start of the new year. I consider myself a pretty reflective person so I usually have a lot of things that I want to work on or improve about myself. I love to read the resolutions of other people too because it inspires me! I hope 2017 makes your dreams a reality!

 Hope you enjoy this post!


Christina xx


1. Treehouse Stay @ The Mohicans
This treehouse was seriously magical. We had such a good time there together and I'd love to go back one day.
2. Ypsilanti Michigan Trip
It was so nice being reunited with my friends on this trip! We had so much fun shopping around the town. We found many hidden treasures and I found so much inspiration from this trip.
3. Dress Shopping With My Bridesmaids
This was such a fun day! I loved having all of my girls together it made my heart so happy! (We missed you Kac!) I'll never forget this day and finding unique dresses for everyone!
4. Finding My Wedding Dress
I found my dress with my mom and it was a cold, snowy weekend that she came to town and stayed with me. We had so much fun that weekend! We went to a bridal show, we did some wedding planning, we ordered food in one night and had some wine and chocolate. It was such a memorable weekend and I'm so grateful that my mom was by my side. We didn't buy the dress right away because I'm super indecisive, but once we left it I couldn't stop thinking about it! When we did go to purchase it, my dad came too and I will never forget that day. It was so special to have him there with me and see me as a bride. We all went to lunch afterwards to celebrate.
5. Our Annual Valentine's Day Date In
Every Valentine's Day, Fred & I find a new meal and dessert and stay in and make it together. It's become a tradition and this was our last Valentine's Day living apart. I would always drive to his apartment and we would make sure his roommates wouldn't be needing the kitchen. I'm super excited for our first Valentine's Day together in our place.
6. Getting Our Marriage License
This was an awesome day! True joy when we saw that license!
7. Mermaid Bridal Shower
My family & bridesmaids & friends went above and beyond to make this shower so special to me. Every detail was perfect! My merm-maid-of-honor, Tiffany made me feel like a queen!
8. French Inspired Bridal Shower
This shower was thrown by my sister-in-law, Audrey & family and it was so beautiful. Every detail of this shower was perfect and thought out too. The treats were delicious and the games were so cute!
9. Beyonce Bachelorette Party
My maid of honor and bridesmaids killed it in planning my bachelorette party. I am Beyonce obsessed and they threw me the most amazing theme party. We also took an aerial silks & dance class and it was so much fun!
10. Rehearsal Dinner @ Schmidt's
I loved our rehearsal dinner! It was such a good time and I love the vibes at Schmidt's! Great food and great company! We did have to perform a sing along to "Love Shack" so it took some courage, my husband and our best friends to get me out on that floor! After the dinner, Fred gave me his wedding present to me and it's hands down my favorite gift ever received. He made us a coffee table from part of his childhood coffee table and carved a bible verse on it. It means so much to me. <3
11. Morning + Bridesmaid Breakfast Of Our Big Day
The morning of the wedding, my mom had a breakfast for all of bridesmaids and me and it's such a special memory to me. I'm so glad that my sweet friend Erin joined us too!
12. Our Day
July 23, 2016. 
Most magical day. We're very blessed to have this day and all of the memories that come with it. Everyone made it incredibly special for us. 
13. Palm Beach Honeymoon
Our honeymoon was the funnest. So much relaxing by the pool, on the beach and even in the room. We ate so much delicious foods and had so many yummy drinks. We spent like $40 on cake that week, so we definitely enjoyed ourselves! It was so fun to explore and adventure together the first time as a married couple. Also, our hotel was pink and adorable. I loved it so much!
14. Moving In Together
Our first couple of days together in our new place were so wonderful. We went around and marveled at every little details. We got so many wonderful gifts from the showers and the wedding. We got to use our new kitchen equipment and decorate our space together. Every night felt like a sleepover!
15. Our First Married Date Nights
Early fall, Fred & I had a couple date nights a week! It was such a good time exploring our new neighborhood. We took a lot of bike rides and explored a lot of parks. We also went to some local festivals and tried the food and took lots of pictures. So many good memories from our date nights!
16. Brooke's Wedding
My sweet friend got married in September and it was lovely being a part of her big day! Her family and friends are seriously amazing and they made Fred and I feel so welcome and at home. Her wedding was magic. The sunset outside at their reception was the most beautiful sky that I've ever seen in my life. I am convinced that heaven showed up :)
17. Fall Dates With My Mom & Grandma
I cherish dates with my mom and grandma like no others! We had some very fun fall days picking pumpkins, buying flowers, eating brunches and just enjoying the beautiful weather. Oh and we made a few trips to Ulta along the way ;) These days are very special to me and there are never enough of them.
18. Visiting A Healing Chapel With My Parents 
I went to a healing chapel with my parents and it was such a nice day. It felt so peaceful to spend our afternoon there in prayer. It also means so much to me that they took me on this trip and do so much for me to feel better. 
19. Christmas Tree Festival
Fred took me on a fun, festive date to a Christmas Tree Festival and I had such a good night. He had wanted to take me the past two years and we missed it so we were both excited to make it this year. All of the trees were so so pretty and it really got me in this Christmas spirit and started our holiday season off right!
20. Our First Married Christmas
There are so many good memories for me this holiday season. Decorating our apartment for Christmas was very special. I loved putting up our little tinsel tree and decorating it. We've also sat by our fireplace a few times and enjoyed a toasty fire. Both of our family Christmases were wonderful and our trip to our Christmas cabin was such a nice getaway! My sister's been home and we've gotten to do all of our holiday traditions together: a baking day, OC + massage nights, shopping the day after Christmas. & My mom's New Year's party was the perfect way to end 2016. I got to be my grandpa's kiss at midnight with a kiss on the cheek! I asked his what his secret to longevity was and he said that he keeps going no matter what and that he enjoys every single day of his life. My inspo for 2017!!! We got to catch up with my cousin Kathleen who has grown up so much and into such a sweet girl! Fred met her for the first time at the party. And it was just a wonderful night with friends with so much promise and excitement for the new year ahead! 
Welcome 2017!


1. Seek God, Every Day
I want to make time to have "quiet time" with the Lord to read the word and be in prayer.

2. Mediate + Focus On Well Being
I want to make more time for meditation and reading/journaling/coloring to help my anxiety and reduce stress levels.

3. Exercise Regularly 
Everyone says this one every year, but I know exercise is essential in keeping me strong physically and mentally with my illness. Plus, it always boosts my mood!

4. Read More
This is also one of Fred's resolutions. I'm hoping that means we will spend more time reading and discussing our separate books together. I have so many books that I want to read for fun and for self-help reasons. I'm very excited to start!

5. Practice Yoga
I started practicing yoga again towards the end of the year, but with the holiday rush I have not practiced in weeks. Yoga helps my body and mind to feel so much more relaxed. I have a lot of joint and muscle pain that is greatly relieved when I take the time to stretch every day.

6. Do The Little Things I've Always Wanted To  
There are a few little cafes that I've never been to and have always wanted to go to. I've also always wanted to go roller skating with Fred. I've decided to make these little things more of a priority. 

7. Try New Recipes
My sister made Fred & I this incredible cookbook for Christmas. It is a compilation of all of our favorite recipes from relatives. I plan on making us more yummy dinners, drinks and desserts!

8. Worry Less
This is always one of my resolutions because I fail so miserably at it each year. I'm not quite sure how to lose my worry problem because it's always been something that I've struggled with, but I'm going to try really hard to grow my faith.

9. Choose Joy
I've always been a joyful person, but this year I have struggled tremendously to stay joyful and positive. I have let my physical pains get the best of me and they have taken a toll on me mentally as well. I want to work harder to cultivate joy in all circumstances and stay positive.

10. Pray More 
I want to make prayer part of my daily routine. Last year, I did not invest enough into my prayer life.

11. Buy Wisely
I want to research more about what I buy and make good decisions. I'd like to buy more green and organic products when I can. 

12. Fight For Healing
I get very frustrated and exhausted trying to help myself heal my chronic illness, but I'm going to continue to work hard with diet, lifestyle changes, natural remedies, research and medication to find the combination that gives me the healthiest life I can have. I may not have found that combination yet, but I believe it is out there and I won't give up!

13. Encourage Others
I would like to spend more time encouraging others and surprising others with act of kindness.

14. Be More Sure Of Myself
I'd like to be more confident in my choices. I'm very indecisive and I want to make faster decisions and be more sure of them. I need to practice my assertiveness because it's a weakness of mine. I admire people who are sure in their choices and choose boldly.

15. Paint My Nails More
This one is obviously the most petty haha but I always say I'm going to take the time to paint my nails and then I get lazy and don't. Fred loves painted nails and I'm always happy when mine look pretty so I've decided to do it more.


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