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Happy Monday! A few weeks ago, Fred and I had the honor of going on a hard-hat tour of Hotel LeVeque. The landmark hotel is located in the beautiful downtown of the city of Columbus, Ohio. I was so excited when I got asked to go on the tour, because I've admired this building from afar for years! It has a distinct art deco architecture that has always caught my eye. The whole hotel has a '20s theme & vibe and that is definitely right up our alley so we were instantly in love!

The hotel is a lifestyle hotel and a part of Marriott's Autograph Collection. The guest's stay will be marked by unforgettable hospitality. The minute that we walked into the door, we were greeted with warm welcomes and genuine interest. As we went through the tour and learned more and more about the culture of the hotel, it became obvious that guest experience is their main priority.

I'm sure you saw the amazing chandelier in the photos above. It is the focal point once you're in the hotel lobby and it's seriously lovely! The hotel will have a bar, Starbucks and spa all accessible to their guests. They're planning on having a prohibition and speakeasy themed bar and cocktail hours! (Which sounds so fun!!! We're excited to go!)

Not only were the bedrooms drop dead gorgeous in decor, but every single room had a star projector in it. So each guest can have the option of a starry night in their bedroom. It was so peaceful and mesmerizing looking at the starry ceiling... such a cool feature you guys! They really went to be super attentive to their guests and they said that they will try and note what their guest says about their stay and then act accordingly for their next visit.

I love how unique and personal Hotel LeVeque is going to make their guests' stay. I also love that they're collaborating with local businesses. They have a signature scent to their body care products for the rooms. The products are all from Cliff Original which is a Columbus based, all-natural men's grooming product company. They were so generous and gifted all of us with the body care collection that their guests will receive and let me just say, I absolutely love the lavender scent of them! As for the uniforms of the staff, they partnered with Columbus fashion designer Liz Bourgeois for the design. They are the signature midnight blue color with starry accents and they compliment the hotel so well.

I cannot wait for their opening! They're planning on opening February 15, 2017 & reservations start March 8, 2017 . Fred and I are super excited to go stay a night and see everything once they're up and running! Are you guys excited to check it out?!


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