Beauty | How To: Angel Wing Low Bun W/ Flower Crown + Tips On Pulling Off A Flower Crown!

Hair Tie, Bobby Pins, Flower Crown, Hair Spray
Step 1:
Start with loose waves
( My hair is naturally wavy, but I did add some curls with a curling wand and texturizing spray!)
Step 2:
Gather your hair into a low pony tail & secure with a hair tie
Step 3: 
Split your hair above the hair tie into two sections
Step 4:
Lift your pony tail straight up and then tuck it into the hole you made by splitting your hair into two sections
You have now created your angel wings!
Step 5:
Gather your low ponytail hair and tuck it slightly under the angel wing twist that you created  
& Secure your hair into a low bun style with bobby pins
(It can be as messy as you want, it doesn't have to be perfect! Personally think it looks good a little undone!)
Step 6: 
Put on your flower crown! 
Step 7:
Hairspray your style to keep it in place!
Cool shots courtesy of my husband Fred! 
Best husband ever award goes to him for all he does to help me. I love him so much! <3 
And there you go! The style is complete! Easy, huh?!
Hi friends!

Happy Wednesday! How's your week going so far? I've had a lovely week because the first day of spring has come and National Flower Day was yesterday and y'all know I love my flowers! It's so refreshing to pull out some spring pieces in your wardrobe. I love when the first of the chiffons and florals come out to play, they're my absolute favorite to wear.  I also love trying a new hairstyle or makeup trend with the beginning of spring. This angel wing low bun is so easy breezy and it's a messy style so it doesn't have to be perfect or precise and those are the kind of hairstyles that I like because my hair has a mind of it's own. I hope you like this look! I think it's an amazing style for warmer weather. This would be a great look for a bride, bridesmaid, or wedding guest! It's so romantic and feminine.

I'm absolutely in love with this HalosByBlythe "Madison" Floral Halo Crown! It is just so lovely. The flowers are beautiful and the whimsical ribbon in the back is so pretty and allows you to adjust it for the perfect fit. My sweet friend Blythe makes the most gorgeous flower crowns and she just created a new bridal line of halos that are simply stunning! I would have worn any of those styles for my wedding last summer. They would've been perfect for our '20s theme! You definitely need to see them for yourself. You can check them out HERE!

Also, you don't have to be a bride, a fairy princess or Lana Del Rey to pull of a floral crown style! You can totally pull it off for festivals, date nights, brunch with your girls, bridal/baby showers, etc.!

Here are my best tips for donning a floral crown this season:

1. Start Small
If you're apprehensive about rockin' a floral crown, start with a small floral piece. You can dip your toe in the pool to gain confidence before you wear a bigger, bolder flower crown. I guarantee that you'll get compliments!

2. Consider the Event
I can understand that not everyone feels comfortable wearing a flower crown to work, or to a certain event, so plan to wear your crown a place/event you'd feel most confident! I mentioned a few of my favorite places to wear my flower crowns above. ^^^
I think weddings, showers, festivals, concerts, warm weather dates & girly brunches make the perfect  atmosphere to try out a floral crown!

3. Choose a Neutral Color Scheme
You might feel more comfortable in your flower crown if the flowers are light, neutral colors rather than bright and vibrant. I love the super colorful ones, but you could start with a more neutral one that doesn't stand out as much.

4. Wear It With Your Favorite Outfit
There's a good chance that if you're wearing your favorite outfit, confidence will just spill out and give you that extra boost to feel dang good about your crown! If you're nervous about pulling off the crown, it's important that you feel really comfortable in the outfit you're in. I love wearing mine with  a flowy dress or a boho top with a kimono!

5. Wear It With Confidence 
And of course the most important tip, wear it with confidence! If you feel good in your crown, you'll look good in your crown. Let yourself embrace all of the whimsy and magic that's inside you and know that you look like a true goddess.


Christina xx

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