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With the warmer months approaching us, I thought it might be fun to share a few of my current favorite things to do in the area! I absolutely love this city and there's always new places to discover. If you're on the search for some fun new activities to do in Columbus, you have to check out First Community Village's post 50 Fun Things to Do in Columbus, Ohio with Kids! This thoughtful list is such an amazing resource for Ohioans and visitors. After checking out the list, I have a ton of new ideas to add to my spring/summer 2017 bucket list! Fred and I don't have kids (so don't worry if you don't have kids either!) the listed activities in that post are seriously perfect for all age ranges and interests.

Please let me know your current favorite spots so I can check them out! I'm always looking for new things to do and new treats to try! So please send some suggestions my way. Hopefully you'll enjoy some of my current favorite things to do! Just keep scrolling' to find out what they are. 


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My Current Favorite Things To Do In Columbus:

1. Take A Stroll Through German Village
One of Fred and I's favorite dates for warmer weather is adventuring around German Village. Be sure to pop into the Book Loft. It's so fun to wander in and out of all of the 32 rooms browsing the books. We also love to stop at Winans to get some chocolates!
If you'd like to read my blog post about our Book Loft date you can check that out HERE!
2. Go On A Macaron + Coffee Date At La Chatelaine 
I am obsessed with coffee and treats. Fred is obsessed with coffee. So every single weekend, I like to go get a sweet treat and some coffee with him. I've had so much fun on our macaron + coffee dates! It's nice to get a little snack and just sit and talk for awhile, we both really enjoy it. La Chatelaine is a french bistro and bakery and it's absolutely adorable! Definitely stop by and get a pastry or a macaron. Their macarons are mega sized and extra yummy! 
3. Go To Dodge Park & Read A Good Book
Dodge Park has such a pretty view of the city! Take a good book there and read while you enjoy nature and the scenic view! You can also take a nice walk around the water.
4. Take A Scenic Hike At Indian Run Falls 
Fred and I have been loving our nature walks/hikes around Ohio. There's something so refreshing and peaceful about spending time in nature. Almost every weekend, one of us suggests to go spend some time in nature because they've been such fun dates for us. Indian Run Falls  is such a gorgeous place to spend an afternoon. The waterfalls are incredible!
5. Go Thrifting In Clintonville 
 I love to go hunting for treasures in antique and recycled fashion shops. Clintonville is such a great area for thrifting. They have so many fun stores to go in! Definitely prepare to spend your whole day there so you can hit all of the stores. We like to go there to look for clothes, furniture and other miscellaneous house items. A Buffalo Exchange has recently come to Clintonville and they have a great selection of apparel and accessories so definitely check them out!
If you'd like to see our shopping adventure there, you can read my post about it HERE!
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