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Today, I'm sharing about a skincare line that I have fallen in love with. Balm Skincare is an organic skincare line that launched in November of 2016 in our lovely city of Columbus, Ohio. Balm is a truly unique line with a beautiful story and mission that is very dear to my heart. Balm began following the founders' families' battles with cancer. They're hoping to share the benefits that they've experienced with natural, homeopathic treatments and ingredients. Their product formulations are beautifully organic and designed without preservatives or chemicals. Each handmade product is curated in their herbal laboratory and designed by the founder!

Balm is daringly bold, optimally beautiful and perfectly balanced. I absolutely love that Balm wants to lead a community that seeks a natural lifestyle and inspires others to do the same. It's amazing how transparent they are with what their products are made of and how they're created! Their organic skincare products give real results just like the ingredients themselves. They also work with the pH balance of our skin (not against it) to promote skin health.

There are 3 main steps to their skincare program: cleanse, tone & moisturize

I've been using their raw honey cleanser with charcoal. It smells very yummy! I love the fresh and sweet honey scent that it has. I also really like that the formula feels like it has exfoliating properties but it doesn't irritate my skin. The cleanser is soap free with raw honey, charcoal and turmeric. It has made my skin much softer, smoother and brighter. I love the antibacterial, anti-fungal and antioxidant properties of the raw honey ingredeint.

I've also been using their face cream with rose tea. Let me first say that if a product has a rose scent or feature, you know I'm sold! I have oily skin with dry spots so it's difficult for me to find the right kind of moisturizer. This cream left me feeling very well hydrated but not oily. I also noticed brighter skin after applying this as my moisturizer!

Now I didn't try the toner, but they have a toning water that is made up of apple cider vinegar, witch hazel, rose, calendula, chamomile and essential oil. This is to tighten and prep the skin for moisturizing.

They have a big vision that goes beyond skincare. I'm honored to be able to share that vision with all of you who I love dearly. I've also found myself on my own journey towards a healthier, more natural lifestyle. Many times, we don't even know that what we're putting into or onto our bodies is unhealthy. It can be difficult in our society to trust in the products we use, but it's amazing to find souls that are guiding lights and paving the way in organic living.

What are you the most excited to try from Balm?!


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