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Grab some coffee, let's chat!

First off, May went by WAY WAY WAY too fast. I love June (my birthday month!) but dang May flew by.

Keep reading if you want to learn a little bit about what I've been up to this month!


My husband. He's going on a work trip soon and I'm going to miss him terribly. I'm so sentimental. I've been getting teary eyed when I see him sleeping next to me because it makes me think about how sad I'll be not falling asleep or waking up beside him. But we will get through it!

A lot of maxi dresses! I know that's no surprise! The other day Fred made me laugh so hard. He said "Everything you wear is a maxi, 'cause you max it out." hahaha he's hilarious! What a charmer.
It's finally shorts weather too. So I've gotten my legs out in the sun a little bit! 

Soooo summer is approaching and I'm still OBSESSED with chicken noodle soup haha. For me, it has been the year for chicken noodle soup.
& I've been drinking fruit infused water almost every day and I want to keep that up! 

I've bought a couple pair of print leggings recently. I'm excited to wear them in the cooler seasons! They were on sale for such a good price, I couldn't say no! I've been eyeing them for awhile now, so I'm really glad that I could get 'em. I'm also going to get an eye cream, concealer and eyeliner soon because I'm runnin' low! I have no idea what kind of any of those though!

I'm not gonna lie, I watch some embarrassing stuff. I love kids movies & shows. They take me back to the good, simple days. I've been watching Madeline (you can laugh haha) and the last couple of nights, I've watched Christmas movies before bed. Why am I a crazy Christmas lady? I couldn't tell ya. My husband wonders the same thing. ;p

I just started the chapter Matthew today. I finished Mark a few days ago. I'm going through the entire Bible and reading it with some supplementary books that I've been wanting to read! I really like being thorough, even though it takes longer to read. It helps me to understand scripture better, so I do it! 

I've been listening to Florence + The Machine radio & Sara Bareilles radio a lot! I'm also LOVING The Lumineers right now. Today I looked up old Peter Bjorn and John songs and listened to them while I worked out.

Of vacation! I'm ready to relax and be by the water for awhile. I've been planning in my mind what outfits and swimsuits to pack! I enjoy packing, unpacking is the part that I don't care for. I'm also pretty excited for my birthday because it's coming soon!

How was your month?! I'd love to read your answers!


Christina xx

*Picture cred to my sweet sweet husband Fred. I love you!!!

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May the Lord show you his favor and give you his peace.
Numbers 6:26 

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