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Hi, friends!
Where do you look for inspiration? I know many of us have creative jobs or hobbies and we’re constantly looking to ignite creativity through inspiration. When it comes to feeling inspired and creating my best work/art, I’ve found that making my workspace inviting and expressive is crucial for me! I need to be in an inspiring space to get my creative juices flowing!

I’ve found it’s also crucial for me to feel my best inside and out while I’m creating. I have to stay super hydrated to feel energetic and productive. Plus, it’s good for the mind and body to stay hydrated, so LIFEWTR (available at 7-Eleven) is my daily companion! Throughout the work day, I reach for my LIFEWTR to keep me refreshed and restored. Every drop of LIFEWTR is purified and pH balanced, with electrolytes for taste! I love that it quenches my curiosity and inspires me to express myself.
On my desk, it’s my favorite accessory!

I love having an original desk space that fits with my personal style. Keep reading to see my best tips for a creative workspace and check out the LIFEWTR social hub to see all kinds of inspiration!

Follow these steps for a dreamier, more inspiring workspace: 
1. Add something that brings you joy & makes you smile

It’s important to have something in view that brings you joy throughout the work day. This portrait of my husband and I always makes me happy! Pictures of loved ones and inspirational quotes are a few ideas that come to mind!
2. Surround yourself with images that inspire & encourage you
I love this cozy little corner of wall art that I’ve started over my desk. I love all the colors and the dreamy, whimsical feel! I look forward to adding new pieces to it and it’s a great source of inspiration for me.
3. Decorate with your favorite colors
I love all colors, bright and dark. However, I feel more positive and cheerful when I’m in a colorful space! I also like to work in a bright light kind of space because it keeps me more alert and energized. Knowing what colors affect your mood in the most positive way is really important for creating a great workspace for yourself.
4. When in doubt, add some flowers
I think flowers and plants just give so much life to space! They can really liven up a desk and they’re so pretty to look at. Any greenery of your choice can really transform a desk space.
5. Use pretty organizers, notebooks, pens, etc.

Do you really need a reason for this one?! If you’re like me, those pretty desk accessories get you every time! They really do make me more excited to use them and that excitement and passion is important to kickstart creativity.

6. Put up some twinkle lights
Why not add some twinkle lights to your space! Exploring different lighting options is important to create the ambiance that you’re going for. I love twinkle lights because they’re dreamy and they can quickly and easily change the mood. You can use twinkle lights, other string lights or any lighting that you want!
7. Keep what’s important to you in sight
I like to keep an image in sight that represents my goals. I think it’s helpful to have a visual that can keep you pushing forward when you feel burnt out or uninspired. This card was a gift from my mom. It’s a donation of clothing and basic essentials made in honor of my blog. It’s one of my most prized possessions. I keep this in view to keep my goal in sight. My mission is to be able to support and give back more like this in the future. The tiny flamingo is a gift from my dad from one of my favorite days with him, and the little hummingbird Kachina is a gift from my sister. The hummingbird represents spring, rebirth and a recreation of the self. This was a gift from a time in my life when I needed to recreate myself. My family means everything to me, so I like to have these gifts with me every day. If you have any little tokens that are important to you, you can find a place for them in your space!
LIFEWTR can be found at 7-Eleven. Most work days, I take a small break or two and leave my working area for a while. I find my mini-breaks the perfect time to head to 7-Eleven to pick up more LIFEWTR. It’s so convenient to just pop into your local one and stock up! I always feel refreshed and ready to create when I come back from a break with my LIFEWTR.
The LIFEWTR display stood out in-store because the packaging on the bottles is so vibrant and original! I am in love with the cool artwork on the bottles. There are a few different styles, and I had fun picking out which ones I wanted. I first tried LIFEWTR because I was so curious and intrigued by the pretty bottles. If you’ve also been intrigued by that pretty packaging, check out their website to learn all the details!
You can also find LIFEWTR in the refrigerated drink aisle!
Hopefully, these tips inspired you in some way. No matter how big or small your workspace is, you can totally customize it to your style. You can do as little or as much as want with it. It’s up to you; it’s your space so create it how you like it!
I want to know what’s currently inspiring about your workspace. Are you in need of some creative energy? How do you use LIFEWTR in your daily life? For more #thirstinspiration, be sure to explore the hashtag on social media and check out the LIFEWTR social hub here!
Christina xx

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  1. I love how neat and clean your desk space is. I need to work on making mine work better for me! #client


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