Style | 5.1.17 (BEARPAW Gracie Part 2)

Hi friends!

I hope you had a great weekend! What did y'all get into? 
I wasn't feeling very well on Friday, but when Fred got home from work we got out of the house for a bit. I'm always so so happy when I've had a bad health day, but we're able to get out of the house for a awhile. It's nice to get some fresh air and be out and about after you haven't been able to be. We went out and looked at some new cameras, lighting sets and other technology stuff that Fred really loves. Fred has started getting into photography and he's been helping me a lot lately with my pictures and videos. I am sure you guys can tell!!! I think my pictures look so much better when Fred takes them. When he doesn't take them, it's just me and my tripod out there in the world tryin' our hardest haha. It's been so much more fun creating posts with Fred involved. He's super creative and I love to have his ideas and combine them with mine. 

On Saturday, Fred filmed a video with me and that will be on my YouTube channel next week! I'm very excited to share it with you guys. I think you'll really love hearing more about Fred. We did the husband tag, so he will be answering a lot of questions in the video. You won't wanna miss it! I get a ton of great feedback when I feature Fred here on my blog so hopefully you guys will love our videos as well! We filmed in front of a different background and we filmed on a different camera. So I'm super excited to share this video with you guys! I also filmed a style video on Saturday that will be going up soon. It will be my first style/fashion video on my channel and I plan on making a lot more of those this summer.

Then on Sunday, we went to our home church and we had not been at that location for a long time... it's been months! It was so great being back. We got to catch up with a lot of our friends and everyone was so sweet and gave us such a warm welcome. We are so thankful for that community, it was an awesome day back. After church, we walked around downtown for a little while and got some coffee. I wanted something sweet (go figure) so we ended up splitting a chocolate chip cookie and it was bomb you guys!! It was the perfect weather to be outside and spend the afternoon in. When we got home, we made lunch and set up a table outside to eat it on. We ate lunch outside and just relaxed listening to some music. It was so nice. I love warm, barefoot days like that! 

And now the work week is here and we both have a lot of work to get done! What's on your schedule for the week?

This post is Part 2 showing off my BEARPAW Gracie style shoes. These lace-ups are in the color Rose and I love the pop of color that they give to an outfit. I also have them in the color linen and I featured them in my Part 1 blog post. If you want to see those, you can check that out HERE!

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Happy Monday!


Christina xx

* Photo cred goes to my husband Fred <3
^^^ haha it rhymes 

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