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Hey guys!

I am having such a sleepy sleepy Wednesday. I need some major coffee and sunshine to power me through the rest of this week. This whole week, I've had such low energy. I could just lay in bed for hours, doing absolutely nothing and I'd be content!

Yesterday, Fred and I made my Grandma Jane's orange french toast recipe for dinner. Sometimes, it's soo good to have breakfast for dinner.  It turned out really tasty! The past couple of weeks, I've randomly been craving orange french toast. The last time I had it was almost 4 years ago and it wasn't this homemade recipe. It was the yummy french toast dish at Mimi's Cafe. It was definitely time to have some again and nothing beats my Grandma Jane's recipe. I love taking some time to remember her and our wonderful memories together. I couldn't help but think how much she would love Fred. It's so nice sharing different family recipes and memories with Fred & it's always the funnest when we make food together. Do you guys have any favorite family recipes?

These BEARPAW "Faye" slip ons are in the color tan. I am in LOVE with them. They are so comfy and they look really stylish too. Ever since I've gotten these, I've worn them a ton. These are easily becoming my go-to. They look good with so many outfits and they're so convenient to just slip on and go! They also come in solid black and ceramic blue. (I now want them all!)

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:) :) :)

And by the way, I had so much fun up in that tree haha. I felt like a kid again. Fred jut picked me up and put me up in the tree. I'm too short, I could have never gotten up there on my own. We took these pictures the other day in the Topiary Park of Columbus! It was such a cute little spot. Fred and I didn't even know it existed.
*Shout to my father-in-law Kenny for telling us about this date spot! We had a great time!

How's your week going?!


Christina xx

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