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Hi guys!

The other night, my mom and I got to attend a Crafting and Cocktails event at Seventh Son Brewery Co. located at 1101 N 4th, St Columbus, Ohio 43201. I love Seventh Son Brewery. I've been there a couple of times and the vibe is always so relaxed and cool, plus the drinks are delicious! The event was thrown by Burgundy Ginger Events which is an Ohio event planning service. Lovely Nitina is the creator of BG and she taught the DIY during the event. Nitina was so incredibly welcoming to everyone in her class and she made the environment fun and upbeat, perfect for a girls night! I thought it would be so fun to have a girls night out with my mom. We've been talking about a girls night for a couple of months now and this was literally the perfect event for that. I loved seeing my mom kick back and have some fun! It was a night we'll treasure forever.

The craft of the evening was paper flowers. I was pumped when I found out that the DIY was a flower themed project. You guys know I love my flowers! Nitina is so so creative! Two of the paper flowers  were made out of coffee filters! With one ticket, each person got a drink of their choice and materials to make 4 flowers. The first two flowers were made from coffee filters, the third was a beautiful paper rose and the fourth was a layered flower with a gemstone center. My mom's flowers turned out so great. She seriously rocked the crafts haha! I think my rose was my best one!

The setup was absolutely AMAZING! It seriously was magical. She had flowers everywhere and it was whimsical and boho & everything that I love! It was my kind of party, complete with an adorable treats table! The cupcakes had rose frosting and the cookies were in shapes of different flowers. It was precious down to the very last detail. It's the perfect girls night event! Y'all have to go to the next one and see for yourself!

What's your favorite summer DIY?!


Christina xx

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*Thank you Burgundy Ginger Events for having me!

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  1. Your mom is so adorable! And apparently ridiculously crafty!
    What a cute little event and girls' night!!


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