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I could not be more excited that our city is welcoming an IKEA! YAY! Seriously, who doesn't love IKEA? I can't wait for it to be open so I can take my mom and shop around! Fred and I were lucky enough to get a sneak preview tour of the store this week. We had an amazing time tasting yummy food, exploring the showrooms and making a wish-list of everything we want for our future home! Some of their showrooms are specifically designed and decorated for smaller spaces. We left incredibly inspired to decorate our space. 

We had the sweetest tour guides. They were so energetic and knowledgable. We learned a lot about the store and the services they provide. I thought it was so cool that they have free design appointments with a furnishings consultant... how awesome would that be when house planning?! They also have easy-to-transport boxes that benefit the environment, warehouse picking, home-delivery, assembly and kitchen planning and installation services, store maps, 3 types of carts, measuring tools available throughout the store, and many many other helpful features for their customers!

My favorite thing was touring the showrooms. I absolutely love home decor and the whole art of interior design. I was in heaven exploring all of the beautiful rooms. Even the ones that weren't my style, I still savored every detail to the design.

I'm pumped to show you guys my favorite showrooms and/or setups! There were so many, it was hard to pick! I tried to stick with 10, but it ended up being 13!

Here are my favorites:
1. Dream bedroom? I think so!
2. Every detail in this living room is just breathtaking!
3. This was my favorite space! I just love the idea of it. Reminds me of a rooftop garden party!
4. I've always wanted a pink couch! 
5. I wouldn't mind a chandelier like this one! How romantic?!
6. Look at this gorgeous kitchen! I really want those light fixtures for our future home.
7. This one just caught my eye! It's definitely my style. I love all the greenery and flower detail!
8. This kitchen is beyond pretty and all the organization is amazing!
9. I fell in love with this wallpaper! I want to have some accent walls in our future home!
10. Dream closet for Fred & I! And with such soft, dreamy lighting.
11. Have you ever seen so many beautiful prints in one place? We've been looking for a rug!
12. This was one of my favorite kid spaces! Would love to create something similar one day!
13. We loved this super cool light that extends and changes it shape! We want one!
IKEA is the world's leading home furnishings retailer! The Columbus store is 354,000 square-feet, with 1,100 parking spaces. IT was built on 33 acres at the northeastern corner of Interstate- 71 and Gemini Place in the Polaris Centers of Commerce. The store reflects the unique architectural design for which IKEA is known for worldwide and it includes one of the largest rooftop solar arrays in Ohio. IKEA incorporates sustainability into day-to-day business and supports initiatives that benefit the environment. That's one of my favorite things about IKEA!
The store will be the second Ohio store and it opens Wednesday June 7th! It's going to be an amazing opening. Ohio Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor, Columbus City Council President Pro Tem Priscilla Tyson, Deputy Chief of Mission for the Swedish Embassy Goran Lithell, IKEA U.S. president Lars Petersson and store manager David Garcia will officially open the store! With the store opening, IKEA is giving away thousands of dollars in gift cards and merchandise. Customers may begin lining up on Monday June 5th at 9 a.m. that is 48 hours before the store's opening at 9 a.m. on Wednesday June 7th!

The giveaways are as follows:

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

  • The first 44 adults (18 & older) will receive a free EPTORP three-seat sofa, honoring the 44th U.S. store!
  • The next 100 adults (18 & older) will receive a free POANG armchair!
  • The first 100 children (17 & younger) will receive a free FAMNIG heart-shaped soft toy!
  • The first 2500 adults (18 & older) will receive a random prize envelope with IKEA gift cards ranging from $10 to $250 or  a"Buy One, Get One Free" voucher for cinnamon bun, hotdog or soft-serve frozen yogurt!
  • The first 100 adults (18 & older) bringing proof their birthday is the same as the store's will receive a gift card for $44!

Thursday, June 8, 2017
  • The first 44 adults (18 & older) will receive a free queen-sozed HAUGESUND mattress!
  • The next 100 adults (18 & older) will receive a free ALINA "sleep set" of bedspread and cushion covers and two FJADRAR pillows!
  • The first 100 children (17 & younger) will receive a free GOSIG golden dog soft toy! (And they're stinkin' cute and soft! I got to hold them haha)

Friday June, 9, 2017
  • The first 44 adults will receive a free 365+ 6-piece cookware starter set and a FORTROLIG food container storage set!
  • The next 44 adults (18 & older) will receive freezer bags filled with five different Swedish meals, complete with beverages and desserts, from the store's Swedish Food Market!
  • The first 100 children (17 & under) will receive a voucher for a soft-serve frozen yogurt that day at the Exit Bistro! 

From June 7th through the 11th:

Visitors may enter a drawing to win one of ten $1000 IKEA gift cards through the IKEA FAMILY loyalty program! IKEA is matching the prizes (a total of $10,000) with a donation of home furnishings to The Homeless Families Foundation, a local organization that provides housing assistance and educational services to homeless families living in Columbus!

IKEA is very family oriented and has a lot of fun kid activities. So if you're looking for something to do with your kids this summer, an IKEA trip could be just the thing.  I love Smaland, the supervised kid's play area. It's so adorable. It looks like a typical Swedish farmhouse and forest. The little trees in it are so cute! The store really caters to young kids. Their are little tiny sinks and toilets in the Smaland bathrooms for the kids. I could not get over the tiny toilets, they are so funny. They also have additional play areas throughout the store. They even have miniature had rails on the stairs just for kids.
 While we were there, we were served a breakfast/brunch style meal and the food was very good. My favorite was a crepe with strawberry jam. The jam was delicious. Fred's favorite thing he tried was the cappuccino. The IKEA restaurant will serve a diverse menu of breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and desserts. It will of course have Swedish specialties such as their popular Swedish meatballs (chicken or veggie versions will be available), seafood plates, pasta, chicken, sandwiches, salads and plenty of vegetarian and kid friendly dishes too. 
The Swedish market offers Swedish snacks, treats and Swedish delicacies. I really liked the Exit Bistro! It serves hot dogs, pizza, cinnamon buns, frozen yogurt, sundaes and beverages. Pizza and cinnamon buns... two of my weaknesses. 
Thank you so much IKEA for having us! We had a wonderful day with you!
What are you the most excited to see/do/buy at IKEA?! Are you inspired to decorate your space in a new way?


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