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Today, I wanted to share a little information with you guys about Fred and I's wedding venue. I get asked a lot of questions about our wedding and that's why I'm so excited to start a wedding series!

Our reception venue was definitely one of the most memorable things about our wedding for me (among the physical, exterior parts of the wedding). We knew the minute we walked into the theatre that is was the venue of our dreams. The space just felt magical. It was warm, charming and inviting and we knew it would be big enough to hold all of our guests! 

We had our reception at The Columbus Athenaeum in the Large Theatre (Columbus, Ohio). The ladies that showed us around the space and worked with us throughout the whole process were super sweet! Fred and I went to tour the venue in the fall and they had the most delicious pumpkin cookies and coffee for us. Couldn't think of a better way to woo the two of us! ;) It was a really fun venue. We got have our head table for our wedding party on the stage. That was a really unique feature that we liked. That way our guests could always see us and we could look out and see all of our loved ones. We also thought the box seat was gorgeous. It was a cute way to be introduced! I was apprehensive about that introduction at first though because we had to climb some steep stairs to get up there and I knew I would bust it in my heels ha ha. That's why I'm barefoot and Fred is holding my shoes in our box seat photo. He had promised he would carry them to get me to do it!

Just keep on scrollin' to read my best tips for picking the perfect venue!

Tips for picking the perfect venue:

1. The space is sentimental or holds a special meaning to the two of you.
We had our ceremony at our church so that space held special 
meaning for us. We decided to pick a new space for our reception to make it special to us in the future! When you're deciding on a venue, think about the places that are special to you two as a couple. You might want to pick a meaningful space for your ceremony or reception or both! 

2. It fits the wedding theme or vibe that you want.
Both Fred and I really loved the idea of having a '20s theme mixed with our more eclectic styles. A glittering gold theatre fit that glitzy, Gatsby '20s theme perfectly. We loved the glamour of the space  and I loved adding trees + greenery + twinkle lights where I could! When you're looking at venues, look into spaces that have the vibes that you're going for. We wanted to create a magical, memorable, out of the ordinary night for our guests and our venue exceeded our hopes for that!

Consider a Theatre wedding/reception! I would suggest it to anyone because it's really romantic and makes for such a fun night for you & your guests!

3. It's in your price range or budget.
Our venue and catering for our guests were our two greatest expenses! We decided to spend more there and save in other areas. The venue had a million options for decorations and table settings, etc. but we scaled all of the extras back and kept it simple so that we could spend on the actual venue! That's what was important to us. Every couple has different priorities so remember what's important to you and what you want to spend your budget money on. 

If you're considering a theatre wedding because you love the vibe but you think the costs will be too expensive for your price range, look into outside amphitheaters! Even though they're outside, they still have a theatre look and they might be a bit cheaper!  

4. It's the right size for your guests.
Size is definitely an important factor when choosing the right venue. A lot of venues have maximum people counts. Make sure you look into how many guests are allowed and make sure that aligns with how many you're expecting. 

5. It has rules/practices that you're okay with & accommodations that you want!
A lot of venues have certain rules and guidelines that you have to follow if you have your event in their space. For example, some people won't let you cater from the outside, some won't let you bring your own decorations, etc. Some places can be very strict and picky with the way things are done. Make sure you get your questions answered before you're locked in so you know what you're getting!

What's your dream venue?!


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*Photos by Kylie Noelle Photography 
(The close up photo of the head table setup is by Steve Dawes Photograpy)

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