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This past weekend, Fred and I got to go behind the scenes of a Connect4Humanity photo shoot! When I first heard about Connect4Humanity, I knew I wanted to be involved! Connect4Humanity is an organization of creatives that uses the influence of beauty and fashion to network, inspire and give back to the community. They host well-organized and events to help financially support and raise awareness to a variety of local charities, causes and outreach programs. A portion of the proceeds from each event is used to benefit humanitarian services and programs in Central Ohio.

The charity that this shoot benefited is The Mother Ship, Inc.. The Mother Ship, Inc. is a Central Ohio based non-profit and public charity with the mission to support parents of special needs children. They help to provide social, educational, emotional, health and community support to mothers with children of special needs. It's a community of parents on similar journeys. Valuing self-care is essential for good health mentally and physically, but it often gets put on the back burner for these parents. This organization is unique in that it prioritizes and focuses on their self-care! Their next upcoming event is a retro themed Mom Prom 2017 on Friday, September 15th!

I'm so honored to be able to blog about this event and charity and help in supporting both organizations! It was amazing to get a behind the scenes look of how the magic is created. You guys, there was so much talent at this shoot! It's an amazing thing when a community can come together to collaborate, instead of compete. It's especially amazing when it's for such a worthy cause. 
Yeah, all of the models were S T U N N I N G! 
I tried to take some notes and learn a few new poses for my style posts ha ha.
Still lusting over that unicorn float.
Fresh fruit and a pyramid of  floaties are the perfect props for a pool shoot!
As you would imagine, there was a TON of makeup on set!
The makeup artists were rockstars! All of the models looked so fierce.
The hair stylist Haley was so so sweet! She did an incredible job on everyone's hair.
Gettin' some shots in their The Mother Ship, Inc. tees!
I wanted to share a few beautiful words from Kelly Stroud about Connect4Humanity's history:

"As the mother of a teenage model, it is very difficult trying to support a young girl in the industry. Knowing where to start and who to trust was our biggest challenge. We encountered many ups and downs on our journey and at times it was very discouraging. But when we crossed paths with others that shared the same vision and values it made our end goal much clearer. 

In December 2016, Elyse Steinbrecher and myself agreed there was a need for more collaboration and less competition among the artist community

The industry can be a scary place for those that are eager to advance but lack the knowledge and resources to succeed. It's hard to know who to trust and how to recognize the difference between genuine advice and being taken advantage of. Today's generation is influenced greatly by the media, celebrities, and fashion. 

What if we were able to use the same influence to inspire others, focus on our inner beauty, and give back to the community?

 Our initial goal was to provide a safe place to collaborate and network with other local artists. Once we started to build relationships and meet other professionals with the same passion to make art and help others, everything just seemed to fall into place. 

Connect4Humanity does more than create art, we give art a purpose

In the past nine months we have grown to over 300 members, gained a long list of professional partnerships and sponsors, donated over $6000 to local charities, assisted members to get published and paid opportunities, and obtained a studio space so we can offer more creative options for our members. 

We have united the art community for many different causes, and in doing so we became more than just a group of collaborative artists, we are a family."

The creatives from the shoot:

Models: Alexis Todd, Allison Good, Amani Williams, Ayden Jones, Austin Martin, Carly Stetler, Denzel Adams, Destiny Hobbs, Devon Moretti, Gillian Gross, Grace Curry, Haley Petit, Jacob Krulcik, Justina Baker, Kate Lindsey, Kaylee Chastain, Keith Johnson, Kendal Litzke, Madison Cox, Nicole Barber, Skylar Webb, Susan Peck,  Taya Haile, Taylor McCloud

Photographers: Andrew Downing, Beth Hogston, Chester Hogston, Deejay Harvey, Dorothy Beam, Elyse Steinbrecher, Harry Acosta, Jason Fry, Jon Harvey, Kama Demczyk, Kenny Harris, Malachi Miller, Mark Hairston, Megan Freeman, Michael Noon, Mindee Maitlen, Nicole Callis, Ray Clark, Tomonori Hayasaka 

Videographer: Joseph Testa

Photo/Video: Sydney Irene

Hair Stylist: Haley Garber

Make-Up Artists: Halli Bostic, Taya Haile, Leigh Ehmann

Y'all gotta follow Connect4Humanity on Instagram (here) so you can check out all of the amazing shots captured at this shoot! We had so much fun blogging it all behind the scenes. I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Be sure to check out Connect4Humanity and The Mother Ship, Inc. for more information & details on upcoming events!


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