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Hi guys!

A couple of nights ago, Fred and I attended the pre-opening blogger night at MODA! MODA is a new Columbus restaurant and bar located at 3100 Olentangy River Rd, Columbus, OH 43202. MODA means fashion in Italian and the restaurant celebrates Columbus's two prized industries - fashion and sports! They bring fashion to the plate in a super stylish environment with tailored food and specialty cocktails. They also have a great variety of local drafts and signature wines.

 We were seriously so spoiled by MODA! It was amazing getting to try so many of their plates and cocktails. We left incredibly stuffed! We also had a great time meeting the staff and learning more about the restaurant and the inspiration behind the interior design and the food. Great service is incredibly important to me in a dining experience and I give them an A+++! Everyone was beyond accommodating and helpful to us. There was also a genuine, excited and passionate vibe among the staff which was contagious!

For The Food...
1. Take A Flight & Wine Country Cheese Board
Speck Italiano + Porchetta + Prosciutto + Burrata + Fig Jam + Roasted Beet Chutney + Toasted Brioche | Artisan Cheese + Fresh Berries + Fig Jam + Roasted Beet Chutney + Butter Toast Points
I love cheese boards so so much. If I could get away with ordering a cheese board as my dinner entree every night, I would! This board is a combination of 2 of their sharables, the Take a Flight & the Wine Country Cheese Board. All of the cheeses were incredible. Fred and I were both obsessed with the jams, especially the fig jam. And Fred loved the pickles. 
 *This was my favorite dish!*
2. Ohio Crispy Chicken (Local)
Gerber Chicken + Tony Packo Pickles + Ohio Honey + MODA Hot Sauce 
I'm a hot sauce girl, so I was lovin' this dish and Fred is still raving about the sauce! 
*This was Fred's favorite dish!*
3. Heirloom Salad (Local)
Heirloom Tomatoes + Buttered Brioche + Burrata + Cracked Black Pepper + Extra Virgin Olive Oil + Fresh Greens 
This is such a cool, modern take on an heirloom tomato salad!
4. MODA Burger
Angus Beef Burger + Creamy Roasted JalapeƱo Spread + Caramelized Onions + Hydroponic Arugula + Roasted Tomato Aioli 
Fred and I couldn't get over the spread on this burger! It's flavor is absolute perfection. We also got a side of fries with it. If you're wondering how good the fries were, when the server came to clear our old plates and deliver our next entree, I wouldn't let them take the fry basket from me! ha ha Seriously.
5. All Natural Pork Chop
Hominy Stone Ground Grits + Watershed Bourbon Glaze + Hearty Greens
I have never had more delicious grits! I've also never thought of grits as a dinner side, but these are so cheesy and hearty. Yum! I loved them and I cleared my plate! 
6. Bay of Fundy Salmon Fillet
Soy Ginger Glazed + Shitake Sticky Rice + Pickled Asian Slaw + Haricot Vert 
Fred really loved the flavor of the salmon. This is his kinda dish! Plus, I thought the sticky rice was amazing.
For The Drinks...
1. Trace of Honey
Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice, Cointreau, Ohio Honey Simple Syrup 
Both Fred and I love honey and this cocktail is literally dripping with sweet, delicious honey! Mmm it was so yummy!
*This was BOTH Fred & I's favorite cocktail!*
Hendricks, Gin, Cucumber, Fresh Squeezed Lime, Simple Syrup, Tonic
This cocktail just looks fabulous. It's also super refreshing with the lime and cucumber! 
+ That name is everything ha ha
3. Stiff Arm
I really liked this beer! It was light and I tasted some fruity notes, which is just the way I like it!
4. 3100 Manhattan
Knob Creek, Sweet Vermouth, Bitters, Bordeaux Cherry
I might have felt like Carrie Bradshaw carrying this little cocktail around. I love it's name and it tastes like the perfect, classic cocktail for a night out! 
For The Space...
^ Um, can we transport this to our house? ^
I love how relaxed the atmosphere is, but it's still incredibly stylish! The best of combinations.
 The restaurant and bar is located within the hotel, but they want absolutely everyone to experience MODA! It's definitely open to everyone, not just the hotel guests.
There are little hints of buckeye pride in the decorating. I love that it hints to scarlet and gray, but is still understated! 
A peak at the M Lounge:
A peak into one of the hotel rooms:
Thank you so much MODA for having us! We appreciate your hospitality & can't wait to come back!
Are you guys pumped to see MODA for yourselves?
What dish/drink looks the best to you?!
Happy Thursday! 



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