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YESSS!!!! I've been wanting a pair of pants like these forever, like YEARS! They are so perfect. I love the cut and they're incredibly comfy! These are from Rosegal and they're the perfect boho print pants and flare style. I love their '70s vibe. I will definitely be wearing these into fall!

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These are my dream summer earrings! I'm loving bold, colorful tassel earrings at the moment. These beauties were in my current Rocksbox set!

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Are you guys feelin' the flare pants trend?!


Why "Still Becoming" Is Beautiful:
There's so much pressure to be established, build your brand (even if you aren't a blogger!), make a name for yourself, figure your life out and/or "get your stuff together". If you're still becoming who you want to be, trust me, you are not alone. These past couple of years, I've longed to get my life together and establish myself. Recently though, I've been asking myself why that's so important? What would that change in my life if I felt like I had it all together? First of all, does anyone ever really feel like they have it all figured out, or that they're living their best life? So often it seems that the more we get, the more we want. How quickly do we forget our goal as soon as we reach it? As soon as we accomplish one dream, we move on to the next. Finding a career is #1 but as soon as we're blessed with that, we're on to getting promoted. Making enough to live on is #1 but as soon as we're blessed with that, we're on to getting ahead. Why can't we just enjoy the "becoming"? Why can't we linger thankfully over every goal reached, each dream come true, each answered prayer? Now don't get me wrong, I don't think we're ever supposed to stop trying to reach our best potential for God's glory. I just see beauty in the "still becoming" part. By remaining grateful and humble in our journey we entrust our hope in God. We wait on his strength, instead of relying on our own. We remain open to his transforming power. We listen for his direction in our decisions. The most interesting part of a butterfly's transformation is the metamorphosis. We can find peace in our unfinished parts and in our uncertainty, because it's beautiful becoming who we're called to be.


Christina xx

Boho Print Pants - Rosegal
Tassel Earrings - Rocksbox | Wilde
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Remember who you are and what God expects you to be.
- Thomas S. Monson 

*Thank you Rosegal! I received apparel from them and all opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting the companies that support BG by Christina! 

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