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Hi guys!

I love summer. I always hate to see it go, but fall is my favorite season! Fall fashion is my favorite  for styling too. I love layering, I love boots and jackets and sweaters! I'm definitely not wishing summer away though. I am hoping for many more weeks out in the sun by the pool before I pull out all my knits! I wouldn't mind an iced pumpkin latte though, that's for sure. ;)

I adore this sweater tunic from StyleWe! It's the perfect transitioning piece from summer to autumn. Not to mention, it's super soft. It also has a tiny shimmer in the threading that I really like. It gives the top a little pop of glam when you get close enough to see it! I love tan neutral shades. I know some people don't like them on pale blondes because they say it washes them out, but personally I've always really liked them!

I'm a huge fan of mixed metal jewelry. This necklace is amazing because it looks great with silver, gold and copper tone pieces. It was in my latest Rocksbox set.
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I hope you're all having a great week! Are you guys as excited for fall fashion as I am?!
For today's random ramblings...

Letting Go Of The Negative
I've always struggled with guilt. At times, I'm unhealthily driven by guilt and I repeatedly beat myself up for mistakes that I've made. I'm not sure how I became this why, but I do know the seed of guilt was in me even at a very young age. I remember calling my parents from elementary school to apologize for something I did or didn't do that I should have. I would cry if I didn't like everything that my mom packed me for lunch. (Yeah, it's been bad!) I've had to break the stronghold that guilt has had on me to live my life and grow, but recently it's been sneaking up on me again. 
When we make mistakes, or feel bad about something we've done in the past, we have to forgive ourselves and find a way to let it go. I like to say "God, I'm truly sorry for ____." Please forgive me and help to heal the pain it's caused for me and for ___ . (or a similar small prayer that pertains to your guilt) We're all human and we all will mistakes along our journey. We can't beat ourselves up for it and let it carry into our present and future. We have to ask for forgiveness, forgive ourselves, find a way to let it go and then try harder to be the person that we want to be. We can ask God to strengthen us and help us to make better decisions. Don't let your past hold you back from today's joy. Keep pursuing light and know that you can grow from the mistakes.


Christina xx

Knit Cocoon Tunic - StyleWe
Black Distressed Denim - Charlotte Russe
 Similar Black Hat- Rue 21
Mixed Metal Necklace - Rocksbox | Slate
Similar Black Lace- Up Heels - Forever 21

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Cast all your anxiety on him.
1 Peter 5:7

*Thank you StyleWe! I received apparel from them and all opinions are 100% my own. Thank you supporting the companies that support BG by Christina! 

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