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I'm still absolutely in love with my wedding dress. I wish I could wear it again and again and again! It's so sad you only wear your wedding dress once (usually) because it's probably your most favorite dress ever! It took me quite awhile on the dress hunt to find mine. I saw and tried on many beautiful dresses along the way, but none of them stood out to me as "my dress".  I was looking for something with intricate detail. I loved beading and fringe. I wanted it to have a '20s vibe. I also wanted a style a bit form fitting, but not without some drama at the bottom or in the back. I thought my wedding dress might end up thrifted and altered, because I wanted so many unique details. However, I actually ended up finding my dress at David's Bridal

I'd recently been to a David's Bridal (probably a few weeks before I found my dress) and I didn't fall in love with any, so I was surprised to find my dress when I did! A few days before, my mom and I attended a bridal convention and got a David's Bridal coupon for signing up for a dress appointment. That appointment is what led us there and I saw the dress as soon as I got into the store. It's funny because the stylist started pulling dresses for me but me and my mom looked at each other and said "that dressssss". It was on a mannequin and it was being taken to the back of the store. My stylist showed me to a dressing room and I started trying on some gowns while she went to go get the dress that we had been drooling over.  I couldn't even focus on the first couple of dresses that I tried on because I was too excited to try on that blush, fringe dress that I saw them taking away! 

When I walked out in the dress to show my mom, I was so giddy. I felt beautiful in it and the details were even more gorgeous up close! I was pretty sure it was the one when I saw my mom's reaction. It was so special finding the dress with her and it was nice that it was just the two of us. I didn't get the dress that day though. I waited until my mom and dad could both come to the shop so that my dad could see me in it! I got the dress with both my parents there and I got to ring the bell and do all of the fun little bridal things for saying yes to the dress. It was a day I'll never forget. 

(Keep scrollin' for some tips!)
I get a lot of questions about my dress! You can find it online HERE
I got the color Ivory/Nude in a size 2, but it still needed alterations. 
Tips On Finding The Perfect Dress:

1. Go with people who make you feel beautiful.
I went shopping with my mom because I knew she would be excited for me no matter what dress I picked out. I didn't want there to be any negativity when looking at dresses and trying them on. I  wanted to dress shop with my closest family and friends that were positive and encouraging. Getting your wedding dress is a surreal moment and it can really take the fun out of the experience to have people being negative! You want to feel beautiful and confident in your decision, so surround yourself with people that make you feel that way.  

2. Dream up your dress before you go shopping.
I had looked through so many magazines and Pinterest boards before I went shopping in person. I think it's important to dream up what you'd really like it to look like so you know what you're looking for. There are so many options, so it really helps to have it narrowed down!

3. When you're shopping, be openminded and try on some different styles. 
It's always good to know what you're looking for, but be openminded and try on a few styles that you weren't expecting! Sometimes the unexpected turns out to be the one.

4. Don't lose your voice.
Everyone that you'll be with will have an opinion, but don't lose your voice when picking your dress. What matters the most is that you love it and feel beautiful in it. Even if it's not so-and-so's favorite dress, that's fine it doesn't have to be! It's your wedding dress, so choose the one that you love. 

5. Give yourself a pep talk before shopping, if you need one!
If shopping causes you body anxiety or negativity, give yourself a small pep talk before you go. In a calm and grateful state, tell yourself what you love about your body. Even if you can't think of one physical trait in that moment, list the traits that keep you healthy and alive. If you can start out the dress search with a grateful heart and good feelings towards your body, it will make the experience a more positive one! 

Remember that your body got you to the shop that day and that's a blessing. You're not perfect, but no one is. You're going to pick a lovely dress and you're marrying someone who gets to see your true beauty (inside + out). 
What's your dream dress look like?!


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