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Fred and I recently attended Mom Prom 2017 with Connect4Humanity! Mom Prom 2017 was Central Ohio's greatest Prom-For-A-Cause. One hundred percent of the proceeds benefited The Mother Ship Inc.! I've talked about The Mother Ship Inc. before on my blog but if you don't know, they're an organization that supports the needs of parents with special needs children. The prom was a dinner/dance event with a retro theme. The retro flair made it so much fun to be a part of. The event was open to the public and it definitely wasn't just for moms. We saw a lot of dapper fellas there as well!  The prom was held at Worthington Hills Country Club located at 920 Clubview Blvd. S., Columbus, OH 43235.
Below was our "prom" picture taken by the talented & super super sweet Milestone Memories Photography. I'm so glad we got to meet her! 
Fred and I decided to wear '20s inspired outfits as our retro attire. There were looks inspired by many different decades and some people really went all out with their outfits! I was one of the judges on the Tackiest Dress Contest panel and it was really fun picking a winner! Our winner was wearing an all black look. It was very '80s inspired with a lot of accessories. There was only going to be one winner, but we had to give recognition to one special guy in a retro outfit and curly wig because it was just too good haha. An amazing part of the evening was when they chose prom royalty. These parents were so deserving and it was inspiring to hear a little bit about their journeys. 
I wish The Mother Ship Inc. all of the best wishes in the world! You don't realize the true struggle and strength someone has on their journey until it becomes your journey. These weren't the exact words, but this was the sentiment of a speech given that evening. That really stuck with me! We're all on such different journeys and we all face different trials.

We can't possibly know all that a trial encompasses if it's not our own to live through. This should inspire us to show more grace, act more compassionately and judge less. 

I think it's so important to raise awareness and to learn more about what's going on within our communities. The parents of the organization show true strength and selfless love and I was inspired by their light. 
Thank you for having us!


Christina xx

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