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September 27, 2015
This will forever be one of my most treasured days. I wanted to share a little bit of our proposal story with you guys! I wanted to write this post to record some of the details for our own memories. God has shown me so much grace and love by leading Fred into my life. I had dreamed about a proposal since I was a little girl. Fred truly made it the most special night for me. He put so much thought and planning into it & every detail was so sweet. It was definitely one of those nights I wish I could relive a few times over! It's hard to believe that is was 2 years ago already!
It was a Sunday. 

It was the Blood Moon Eclipse.

Early in the day, Fred & I went back to my hometown to attend the annual family picnic of my Dad's archery club. We had such a great time at that picnic with my parents!

We drove back to Columbus to get ready for a date that we had planned for that evening.

 I got ready ready at Fred's place and I remember he put on Taylor Swift while I got ready. There really was a sense of excitement in the air. I had no idea a proposal was coming! I was just excited to be going on a date with Fred. I couldn't wait to spend the evening together and have a nice dinner. 

We ate dinner at Hudson 29. We got the wine country cheese board and it was my favorite part of dinner!

After dinner, Fred had suggested going to "our park" (The Scioto Mile) to hang out and talk. This wasn't weird because we often would go there and spend hours talking, or walking by the water! 

Before we got to the park, Fred stopped at a Starbucks to treat me with a pumpkin spice latte. <3

I remember driving around for a long time before going to the park. Fred said he wanted to go on a drive first. This also wasn't too weird to me because we often went on drives! 

When we arrived at the park, Fred was acting so nervous. He kept checking his phone, which was really unlike him! I began to wonder what was going on. I asked him who he was texting and I can't remember exactly what he said. I think he said it was about one of his friends (Alec or Adam) needing his help/advice. I still thought it was weird, but I didn't say anything again about him texting a lot because I wanted him to feel like he could keep talking to them if they needed it! 

It was really chilly that night. He had been wearing 2 jackets, so he took one off and put it on me. We walked down by the water and I gave him a hug. I kind of opened his jacket a bit so I could snuggle up in it haha. I remember his heart beating out of his chest. I knew something was up haha, so I asked 
"Are you nervous? Is everything okay?"

Then, he pulled out a sheet of paper from his pocket and said 
"I need to read you something."
He had me walk with him by the water, towards the park bench we always sit on. Every few steps, he would stop and read something else off of the paper. He had written certain things about me or about our relationship and then he would read a few bible verses. I was crying so hard! I definitely couldn't keep it together, but after every reading I would ask the questions...
"Are you really doing this?" "Is this for real?" 
because I still couldn't believe it was happening! 

When we got to the end of the walkway near the water, I saw our little park bench. It sits under a tree and it was covered in blankets with pink rose petals everywhere (my favorite) and twinkle lights on the tree! Everything was perfect! 

We walked to the bench and that's when he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. Hands down, the best question I've ever been asked. We hugged and cried for so long. It was the most special moment. 

It turns out that his friends Adam and Alec were there to capture pictures of the moment for us. He had been texting them about the whereabouts because they had helped set everything up for us! I am so grateful that they did that for me! 

It was super late, but we called our moms afterwards to tell them. We were so incredibly excited! I don't know if I've ever been that excited in my entire life. We stayed at the park for such a long time just savoring the moment. I didn't want to leave! 

For weeks after, I was on cloud nine. It was so fun to call & text & tell all of our family and friends the good news. It was such a joyful season of life for us. I'll never forget that feeling. I would stare at my ring in disbelief that we were engaged! 

I hope you guys enjoyed celebrating this day with us through this post! 


Christina xx

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