Travel | Donuts Delite/Salvatore's Old Fashioned Pizzeria- Date Diary {Rochester, NY}

 Hi, friends!

Donuts Delite/Salvatore's Old Fashioned Pizzeria was one of our favorite places that we visited while we were in Rochester. It was the cutest diner I've ever been to. Fred and I both heard that Donuts Delite was a must-see for our trip. The diner served an unbeatable combination of donuts and pizza! The pizza slices were so surprisingly huge. Fred had the pepperoni + sausage pizza. I came for the donuts so I got their famous cannoli donut and a creme tarte. They did not disappoint! Mmmm, I'm craving one right about now. I'd never had a cannoli donut before and let me tell ya, it was dreamy. I should have brought a box of them home with us haha. Fred got an original honey glazed that was also super delicious! I know cause I stole a bite... I'm so happy we got to go in October because the diner was decorated for Halloween! We had so much fun on our day date here. It ended up being both of ours favorite day from the trip. We ate some amazing donuts and then went and out explored Ontario Beach Park.
 The cannoli donut ^^^
Fred wanted a picture of me with the giant sprinkled donut!
 (If I looks stiff, it's because a lady was watching us lolz)
If you're ever in the area, you have to stop and try the cannoli donut! You'll probably want a picture in front of the pink wall and next to the big sprinkled donut too because they're adorable. Definitely go hungry so you can chow on both pizza & donuts! The slices are h u g e!

Happy Thursday!


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