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I'm extra excited today because this is my first holiday post of the season! It really is the most wonderful time of the year. With Thanksgiving coming in less than 3 weeks and Christmas in 7, the holiday season is quickly approaching. I like to plan gifts and outfits ahead of time. Even if it's only my head, I start planning my holiday looks a few months before! If you want to see how I'm planning on spicing up my look this year just keep scrolling! 

6 Ways To Spice Up Your Holiday Look:
1. Easily add bold streaks
This year, I wanted to quickly be able to add some fun streaks in my hair to really spice up my holiday looks. I'd been wanting to experiment with color for awhile now and there's really no better time of year to do so! I found that Schwarzkopf Color Ultime has a variety of vibrant, fashion shades with long lasting color. I decided to color my extensions with Mahogany Red, one of the vibrant shades available from Schwarzkopf Color Ultime that I got at Walmart.

How-To Bold Streaks:

Supplies: Scwarzkopf Color Ultime box (comes with gloves, application bottle with developer lotion, color cream and conditioning treatment), watch/phone/clock, extensions you want to color, a towel
1. Before you begin the coloring process, make sure you perform an allergy test! You should conduct the the test 48 hours before you use the product. I performed the allergy test on the skin inside my elbow. It's very important to begin with this! Next, put on your gloves before coloring the extensions and get out an old towel!

2. Take the tip off of the application bottle and pierce the color cream tube. Then, squeeze all of the color cream into the bottle. Screw the bottle top on tightly and shake it vigorously until it's all mixed smoothly. Apply the mixture onto your dry hair extensions and make sure you cover every strand.
3. Allow the mixture to work for 30 minutes

4. After waiting the processing time, lather the hair with warm water and rinse it until the water runs clear. When the water is clear, shampoo the hair and rinse it out thoroughly.

5. Next, apply the conditioning treatment to the hair and allow it to work for 2-3 and then rinse it out thoroughly. When the extensions are conditioned, towel dry them and then let them dry entirely.

& That's it! Clip them in when you're ready to style them
You can pick up a box at your local Walmart in the hair color aisle!
If you're wanting to try Schwarzkopf Color Ultime for yourself, they have a Try Me Free Rebate and an Ibotta offer where you can earn up to $5 on Ibotta when you purchase any shade of Schwarzkopf Color Ultime!
2. Rock a bold lip color
Applying a bold lip color is one of the easiest ways to make your look more glam. I love bright, bold shades and dark, vampy ones for holiday parties or gatherings. If you don't have time to do much else, adding lipstick is fail-proof way to look put together and party-ready. 
3. Mix your textures
I love the look of mixed textures in an outfit. With the holiday season, you can go even crazier with your style! Mix prints, patterns, colors and textures to add some drama. I always feel more festive while wearing faux fur, velvet or some sequins.
4. Add some shimmer
When in doubt, add a little shimmer! The holidays are the perfect time to take advantage of your glitter obsession. The looks tend to be a bit fancier, so throw some shimmer into your motd and shine confidently. 
5. Have fun with leg-wear
The holiday season calls for a lot of party dresses! You can keep your legs a little bit warmer and look more festive by trying out a new style of tights. You could try colorful, embellished, or patterened to complete your holiday look!

I ended up loving the bold red shade of my streaks! The color result was "true to box". Even days after coloring, my hair felt soft and looked shiny! The color defies fading for up to 9 weeks. 

Check out the Scwarzkopf Color Ultime social hub!
 Have you started planning your holiday looks yet? Get a head start by checking out the Schwarzkopf Color Ultime Instagram page for more inspiration and don't forget to search #FashionColorExpert


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