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This weekend, Fred and I had a park date and we tried out a new food delivery service. We ordered lunch from ClusterTruck, a Columbus delivery-only restaurant that takes an average of just 21 minutes from order to curbside pickup! There are over 100 items on the menu and they have food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They offer clean, sustainable food, made from ethically produced products so there really is something for every diet. ClusterTruck allows you to order high-quality food and get it on demand!

One of my favorite things about it is that you have your food delivered anywhere within a delivery zone. We were out shooting some blog pictures and hanging out in the park and we were able to have lunch brought to us! The food is inspired by virtual food trucks so it never sits under a heat lamp. It sends less than 10 minutes on the road for delivery. For our lunch, we tried out a couple different items. We indulged in some buffalo strips and they were amazing! I'm obsessed with their blue cheese dipping sauce. We also got the curly fries and they were delicious too! 

How It Works:1)  Go to cluster and make your order
First, create an account. Then, make sure you're in the delivery zone. ClusterTruck is located at 342 E. Long St. Columbus, OH 43215. Online, you'll be able to see if you're in the delivery zone when you're ordering. If you don't live or work in the area, you can order ClusterTruck from a park (like we did) or another venue that's in the zone!
Once you've selected your delivery spot, you can add items to your cart. You can make meals custom to your preferences. Then, you pay and complete the order!
ClusterTruck has given you guys the codes: 
614BGBY to give new customers a free entree with a $10 order!
614BGBLOG to give returning customers $5 off a $20 order!
*These codes will expire on Feb.6th so try it out soon!2) Meet your driver at the curb to receive your order
You'll receive a text message a few minutes before the driver arrives and it will give a description of their delivery car. During the online delivery process, you can leave a note to your driver stating what you're wearing (ex. Wearing a gray sweater and a gray hat) so that they can find you quicker. 3) Enjoy your food
That's it! It's super easy and fast!Have you tried ClusterTruck yet? Or do you have one in your area?!

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*I've received product from ClusterTruck. All opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting the companies that support BG by Christina! 

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