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I just can't part with my flow-y floral pieces. It can be below zero temperatures and I'll still stick to my favorite florals. In my opinion, they're not just for warm weather! We all need a little spring even in the middle of winter, right?!

A few years ago, I sold a faux fur vest that looks very similar to this one. I frequently go through my clothes and donate and/or sell things that I'm not wearing anymore. It's usually great, but every now and then I really miss something that I sell! Last year, all I wanted was to get another vest like the light brown one that I had & loved & sold haha. Now, I've found one! This fur vest is from JustFashionNow and it's perfect!

I've been curious about bodysuits for awhile now! This is the first one that I've owned and I really like it! It tucks into skirts and jeans so well and really does look neater than a regular blouse. The bodysuit I'm wearing here is from Brittany's Beauty Box. I love it's lovely berry shade.

& Now for some style tips!

How-to Rock a Floral Print in Winter:

1. Wear What You Love
It's always my first rule! I'm sure it gets old, but it's important. Regardless of what the trends and/or other people say, wear what you like. Florals can be worn all year if you like them.

2. Pair Light Florals With Jewel Toned Shades
I think light florals pair beautifully with deep, jewel toned colors (especially in colder seasons). A pale print is offset by a deeper shade.

If your floral print piece is a skirt or pants ---> Pair it with a jewel toned top
If your floral print piece is a dress ---> Pair it with a jewel toned cardigan, or sweater
If your floral piece is a top ---> Pair it with a pair of jewel toned pants, or skirt

3. Throw On Some Faux Fur 
Some faux fur makes any look winter-ready! It also makes an outfit warmer to wear. I don't know if I would have survived this shoot in the snow without it! :p

4. Layer Your Look
If you think your floral outfit is looking too spring-y, you can always layer it for a more eclectic look. Sweaters, jackets, scarves, and vests, they'd all be great additions depending on the outfit!

5. Choose A Dark Floral Print 
I love my dark floral prints too! They look awesome during the winter months and really pop against  winter snow. If light florals aren't your thing, or you just like to keep them for summer, you can always choose a black floral print and look awesome!
How do you wear your florals in the winter?


Christina xx

Eggplant Bodysuit - Brittany's Beauty Box
Faux Fur Vest - JustFashionNow
White Floral Skirt - Forever 21
Similar Dainty Gold Bar Necklace - Francesca's

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*I've received product from Brittany's Beauty Box and JustFashionNow. All opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting the companies that support BG by Christina! 

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