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I've thought about making a post like this for quite awhile now. For me, self-love has been a journey. It's not a concept that I can conquer and then move on from. I find myself constantly needing to practice new and old ways to show myself some self-love. When I'm loving myself and taking care of myself (mind, body, and spirit) I feel more positive, confident and healthy. Hopefully these tips will be a reminder for you and for me to love our bodies today!

How To Love Your Body Better & Cultivate Self-Love:

 1) Take the time to feed your body right

 I'm trying to be more mindful of what I put into my body. When I'm eating the best that I can, I feel better. It usually takes more time to make healthier diet choices, but I always find it to be worth it when I follow through! Taking the time to meal plan and prep is a way of loving your body. Cooking healthy meals and finding healthier snack alternatives takes a lot of time and often takes extra grocery runs. Rest in each decision you make to seek wellness and feel good about the way you're nourishing your body.

2) Celebrate each good thing you do for your body

I like to have a cup of juice in the morning. It takes me feel good to know I'm giving my body good things. It might sound small, but it's still something to be celebrated! It helps me to stay on the right track when I'm positive about the healthy choices that I make. I think it's important to celebrate each good thing we do for our bodies to keep us encouraged. When we're feeling encouraged, we're more inclined to make more good choices. This comes in handy when the choice is to difficult to make, like working out when we don't feel like it, or eating healthy when we'd rather have treats. 

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3) Work to create more positive self-talk 

It's important to watch how you talk to yourself in your thoughts. This one is the hardest for me to do! I often find myself saying negative things in my thoughts. It can be changed though and I'm working to create a more positive voice inside my head. I like the rule, would you say it to a friend? I think that's a good question to ask yourself to keep your self-criticism in check.  

4) Practice self-care in your daily routine

It's important to make some time for yourself to recharge. I try to practice some self-care in every day, even on my busiest days. I find it pretty crucial for my physical and mental health to take care of myself. You can take a bubble bath, read a book for fun, go to a yoga class, or color in a coloring book. It doesn't matter what the activity is, as long as it's your time for yourself! 

5) Whatever you do, don't compare

This is crucial for loving our bodies better. This might mean celebrating your unique beauty more often, or putting away your phone for awhile. It's good to go without screen time for awhile if you feel like you're struggling with social media comparison. 
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