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We've been adding some plants to our family this year and we recently added a new one, an artificial bamboo tree from ThermaLeaf®! The first plant that we got for our living room was an artificial tree. We thrifted it for such a good price and we fell in love with it how it looked! After that, we started looking into real plants and we've bought quite a few of those to liven up our space. I like decorating with both real and artificial greenery and now we're hooked! We currently live in an apartment and I think it's important to make smaller spaces feel homey. 

Plants have really changed the look and feel of our space and I wanted to share with you guys how and why I think plants make a difference:

1. Plants give life 
Plants are symbolic for growth and life. A small space is instantly livened by adding plants to it. Having more life in any surrounding space makes it feel more like a home!

2. Plants create a natural, yet mysterious vibe 
Plants bring the natural and mysterious aspects of nature inside a space. The natural world holds so much beauty and enriches our lives. In the same way that plants enrich a home. 

3.  Plants provide different textures
I love the unique variety that plants provide aesthetically to a home. In general, homes are pretty  eclectic and composed of many things that the home dweller loves. The eclectic nature of most homes produces a mix in textures. As human beings, texture really appeals to both our visual and tactile senses. Texture also adds dimension to a space which is incredibly important for smaller spaces such as apartments. That dimension helps give the illusion of a more open floor plan and mores space in general! 

4. Plants fill your space with shades of green
Plants add a lot of green to a space and this is good thing because the color green in an environment evokes a sense of calmness and stability. These emotions are perfect for a living space!

5. Plants need taken care of (if real of course)
Fred and I have both really enjoyed the responsibility of taking care of our plants. It's a wonderful feeling watching something grow. We both get excited about new growth that we see! It feels more like a home having something there that depends on you.

Don't worry, if real plants aren't your thing, you can still get a lot of the aesthetic benefits with artificial ones! 

6. Plants make you feel like an adult 
I know, this one is kind of silly! However, I can't deny that buying plants made me feel like I was real adult. The responsibility of caring for other living things might have something to do with it too. ;)
ThermaLeaf® offers a large variety of fire retardant and artificial foliage. Our bamboo tree is 4' x 22" x 22". I love how realistic it looks. It has such a greet texture to it and it's a great size! It fits well in a couple different spots in our place. I think my favorite thing about it though is it's potted vase. It's a beautiful and classic style and I love the color for our decor. Our new fur baby, Dreamy loves his new plant and maybe a little too much. I don't fully trust him with that artificial moss/grass in the pot of the plant! 

If you're interested, here's a list of the other trees that they offer!
Let me know, do you like house plants? 
& Do you usually go for artificial or real? 


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*I've received product from ThermaLeaf®. All opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting the companies that support BG by Christina! 

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