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Last month when we stayed in The Serenity House treehouse with Glamping Hub we were completely unplugged from our technology. There wasn't wifi that we could connect to and we didn't have cable, or a DVD player to watch movies on. At first, I felt anxious that I couldn't really use my phone! On our drive (about 20 to 30 minutes away from the treehouse) is when I lost connection. I was nervous that I couldn't even send a text if we needed to. I can be paranoid sometimes, but I thought it was a legitimate concern that I couldn't use the GPS on my phone anymore! We hadn't printed directions. We were relying strictly on GPS to get us there. I don't know how Fred's GPS worked longer than mine, but we were so thankful it did! His phone battery was so low though even plugged in! It was dying because it was searching so hard for service. It literally died right as we turned into the cabin driveway haha. God really took care of us, but we arrived and we were just fine and when we left we used a compass until we could get our GPS working again!

The fact that we were completely unplugged ended up being such a gift to us. Sometimes turning the technology off is an incredible vacation. Fred and I have really grown to love our dates when we put the phones down and keep 'em down. If you've never completely unplugged on a date before, I highly recommend you try it! I suggest a date night with no screens involved and if that seems too hard at first, you can take baby steps and start with a date with no phone time!

Here are some of the benefits that we've found from unplugging together on a date:
1. Focusing Without Distraction 
You can better focus on each and what you're doing without being constantly distracted by a notifications, or noise! 
2. Better Conversation & Better Listening 
This one goes hand in hand with number 1! Conversations can really pick up and go anywhere when they aren't starting and stopping again because of distractions. Also, if your conversation is the only noise you're hearing, you can listen better to what each the other person is saying. 
3. Discover New Things 
When you go without screens, you might end up having more conversation and learn new things about each other.  You might learn a lot of new things in general too. 
4. Make Lasting Memories 
If it isn't something that you're used to doing it will feel completely new and unique and in turn create    standout memories! 
5. Try Something New
 When you turn the screens off, it suddenly seems like you have a lot more time on your hands! You and your partner can use that time to try something new that you've been wanting to learn, or you can play a new card or board game together. (We're currently hooked on Dutch Blitz!)
Doing something new together is a fun way to grow closer in your relationship. 
It's totally fine if you don't think this could be any fun or that it will work for you and your significant other. I think we were hesitant at first too, because we just weren't used to it. Give it a try and see what you discover! If anything, at least you're trying something new together!
I'm definitely not saying that all dates need to be free of gadgets and screens, but I do think it's a great date idea. You might even find that you really like it and that you'll want to do it more often together!
Do you do "unplug dates" with your significant other?
If not, are you gonna try it now?!


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