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Fred recently planned a surprise trip to Michigan for me as a birthday gift! I love the Ann Arbor area so he had us spend some time there and we visited Frankenmuth. I 'd never been to Frankenmuth before and Fred specifically picked it for me because they have a lot of Christmas themed things there  and I'm pretty much obsessed with Christmas!

I think it was the prettiest most perfect place I'd ever been. It's like a fairy town tale! First of all, there are flowers absolutely everywhere. All of the landscaping is just beyond beautiful. It's called "Little Bavaria" so the town & the stores and restaurants are Bavarian inspired. There are so many treat stores on the main strip!! Also, everyone was so nice and friendly there and we just loved the whole vibe. I wanted to make a list of my favorite spots for you guys in case you ever visit. Let me know if you've been there and what you'd add to the list, because I hope to go back soon and I'll check it out!

My 8 Must-See Spots: 
1. Bavarian Inn Restaurant

The Bavarian Inn Restaurant is known for their home-cooked style dinners and authentic German dishes. It's connected to the Bavarian Inn which is a beautiful hotel in the town!
We ate lunch here one day and the atmosphere was my favorite! There are paintings of fairytale scenes all over the walls. The food we had was really good too. I liked that they had a variety of different specialty breads. FYI, the meals there are huge and you will leave stuffed!

Frankenmuth Cheese Haus is literally cheese heaven! Fred and I are both major cheese lovers. The best thing about the Cheese Haus, was all of the samples that we got to try! I tried blueberry cheese for the first time and I fell in love with it.  I also left in love with their cheddar blue cheese dip. We bought some Swiss blocks while we there and we should've bought that dip! I hope we go back so we can get some more cheese . 

As you could guess, Those Nature People Herb Haus is a store that sells organic body-care, herbs and spices, and health items. This was definitely one of my favorite stores that we shopped at there. This place had so many unique things. I bought a gorgeous stone pendant necklace here and it's so special to me because it represents our special trip there together. I love to pick a piece of jewelry as a souvenir on trips to embody the memories made. They also had an incredible selection of herbal health teas and I was excited to find that they sell some things on their online store so I can shop there whenever!
4. Frankenmuth Fudge Kitchen

The Frankenmuth Fudge Kitchen has over 20 flavors of hand-made fudge and believe me when I tell ya that I've never had better fudge! As soon as we walked by the kitchen, I knew we had to go in. The scent of fudge spills out. We could smell it on the street!
We got the chocolate raspberry flavor and it was soo delicious. When we got home, I looked to see if they deliver fudge to Ohio haha! I've been craving it since we left!

Zac & Mac's Chocolate Haus specializes in hand-made specialty chocolates. If you go, get the lemon cream, the champagne truffles and the raspberry truffle! Those were my favorites.
The shop is adorable too!
6. Harvest Coffeehouse

Harvest Coffeehouse is a cafe with a full deli. We stopped there for coffee and it had a great, chill atmosphere. They had a selection of games and books for their customers to enjoy!
7. Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest is the most magical store ever. They sell everything fairy garden related!  The store is decorated beautifully. I would definitely recommend popping in to see it even if you don't have a fairy garden to shop for.

I got a tiny Christmas tree, a little orange cat, and a floating butterfly for our fairy garden!
Bronner's Christmas Wonderland is the world's largest Christmas store! This was one of the main parts to my birthday surprise! Bronner's is heaven on earth for a Christmas lover like me! The halls are completely decked.. It's floor to ceiling Christmas in this place and the store goes on and on! I had so much fun going through the store admiring each tree & ornament & Christmas scene! We spent hours wandering around. This place is pure Christmas magic. We WILL most definitely be back. Guys, you have to stop in and just look at everything! We got an adorable cat ornament that reminded us of Dreamy and a few Christmas gifts for other people. We also got a few hot chocolate flavors, a Christmas cheer advent calendar, and a Night Before Christmas book for us.
Have you ever been to Frankenmuth? 
& Do you have a favorite spot there? 

My photo diary post of the trip is coming this week too so stay tuned!


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