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The past couple of summers, I've found it difficult to find an organic sunless tanning option that worked really well for me. You guys know that I'm on a continuous journey of finding organic replacements for the body-care and cosmetic products that I use. This summer, I've gotten to try some COOLA products through Influenster for free and I've loved them!

It's so important to protect yourself from the sun especially in the summertime. I'm a SPF girl through and through! I wear SPF on my face every day of the year and if I'm going to be outside I put SPF everywhere (& a little extra on my face).  Even though I want protection from the harmful rays, I still wanna look like a bronzed goddess! Anyone else?! That's where my sunless tanning products come in. 

I wanted to share 3 products with you guys so you could try them for yourself and get sun-kissed the safe way! 
My 3 Step Organic Sunless Tanning Routine:

Does it get any better than anti-aging and tanning combined?! This face serum is the ultimate summer serum! I've loved using this. It helps to blur the fine lines on my face so that they're less noticeable with and without makeup on! I love the glow it's brought to my face and the color it's added to my skin. Anti-aging serums and products are my absolute favorite! I want to keep my skin looking as youthful as possible and I love the glow that serums give me! 
Without them, my face skin can look a bit dull.

I apply moisturizer every morning and every night! I have combination skin, so some areas on me are constantly dry. I also have a really weird phobia of dry skin. I can't stand the way my skin feels without lotion! I get really dry and I hate the cracking, stretching sensation so much!! I would rather over-moisturize is that's possible! Fred sure thinks it is as he sometimes calls me "slimy" from how much lotion I put on haha. I really like my daytime moisturizers to have SPF in them. I still apply SPF even if my moisturizer has it in it, but a 2 in 1 is the perfect addition for a lazy day summer routine, or traveling! Also, you will F A L L in love with this white tea scent, because it's so fresh and lovely! 

This mouse will make you feel like the bronzed babe that you are! I love the tan that this gave me. I had a slight tan before using the mousse, just an FYI! I'm very fair skinned in the winter months and when I tan, it's more of a light golden tan than a deep brown tan. I love that this product gave me the deeper, brown looking tan that I always crave. I apply it after I get a bath with a tanning mitt.

 My best application tips are:

1.) Make sure you give it time to dry before you put your clothes back on

2.) Make sure you take the time to apply it evenly over your skin

It develops gradually over a couple of hours, so it's fun to watch your tan show up! I like to apply it at night, so I can wake up bronzed!
If you want to look into these products, I've linked them in my Amazon wishlist here for you! 
You can just click that link and they're the first ones listed. It's super simple!!
What sunless tanning products are you loving right now?! 


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