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Columbus, OH, USA
Hi, guys!!!

It seems like it's been forever since I've just sat down and shared what's new with you, so
grab some coffee (or tea) & let's chat!

 First, I gotta say that I know I've been MIA on here and on social media recently and I'm not happy about it! So if you like my stuff, don't worry, I'm not going anywhere. If anything, I'm hoping I'll be able to post more and be even more present online through the end of this year and into next! Life has just been a little bit crazy. Does it ever level out? ha ha I feel like I always think it's pretty crazy and hectic to keep everything balanced. I honestly can't even imagine what it's like for busier people and the growing families out there! Some days, it feels like it takes all my strength to keep my husband, my fur baby and me afloat. If you feel like you can't keep up with your peers, you aren't alone! The good news is, you don't have to. We can each move along our own unique journey at our own pace and find joy there, no matter how differently it looks when compared to another's journey. :)

I've recently been getting all of these ideas for the blog and for my social media platforms and I'm super excited to make it happen. However, daydreaming has never been the problem for me. It's executing everything that has always been the hard part! So these next couple of months, expect some changes for this little blog! One super minor change is that I'm moving the location of the "Wearing" section in each blog post. I always list what I'm wearing and where you can find the items, or similar ones and it's always located at the bottom of each blog post. Now, you'll be able to find it pretty soon into reading the post! I'm hoping this will make it super easy for all of you who wonder where I get certain clothes.
Similar White Sheer Bottom Maxi Dress - Express 
Similar Embroidered Rose Denim Jacket - Elder Beerman 
Similar Cognac Booties - Forever 21
The Kanken Mini Backback in 'Fog' - Fjallraven
Similar Red Velvet Headwrap - Forever 21
Okay, so now you might be wondering what some of the other changes are gonna be!

 First and foremost is that I want my small corner of the internet to feel more like a community! I'm not one hundred percent sure how I'm going to bring that into fruition, but I have some ideas! Make sure you're following me on social media, because that's where I'm hoping to create more of a conversation and community among all of us. 

I also want to have more videos/vlogs interacting with you guys! I've been wanting to do that for so long and I just haven't done it. I'm really frustrated with myself about that and I am going to do it before the end of this year!
 I want to create more polls and discussions for all of you who follow my pages.
 I want to have community days on my Instagram story and Facebook story where we can all chat about certain topics. 
& If you have any ideas, or any content that you wanna see, please let me know! 

Another thing is that I'm going to start writing a lot more about slow fashion, recycled fashion, sustainable fashion, ethical fashion, ALL of the good fashion out there! I'm insanely excited about this, because I'm so passionate about these topics and I haven't posted much about them yet. 

Another topic you can plan to see a lot more of is invisible/chronic illness. All of my fellow spoonies out there, this is for you! I get asked a lot of questions about treatments, natural products, even just general things about the conditions that I have and I want to share any knowledge that I have with you. If I could help even one person find some relief in their symptoms (whether UC or Crohn's or migraine related) that would be incredible! Also, I just can't pretend that I'm in "normal" health currently because I'm not. Over the past few years, they've dramatically changed my life, and I deal with them on a daily basis. I don't want to sweep them under the rug and keep them out of the blog anymore. In the past I haven't wanted to post too much on the topic, because I was worried it would be too negative. I don't feel that way anymore and I actually feel called to discuss and share these things with my small corner of the world. 
Now, for a bit of a life update! I've had a boat load of appointments the past couple of months... I mean kind of an overwhelming amount. The average over the summer and early fall has been about 2 a week. Some weeks there have been 3. Some weeks I've been lucky and only had 1 or  0. You guys know that I have Ulcerative Colitis and very frequent migraines so a lot of appointments are maintenance ones. However, this summer I was just fed up with the migraines and I've been going to a few different doctors and trying a few different therapies for them. I get 1-2 a week and they just knock me out when I get them! That's another reason that my work has suffered!

I've also been having a lot of near-fainting, lightheaded spells happen and I've been seeing doctors for that and undergoing testing for that. I'm sure that there's nothing serious going on, because a lot of testing has already been completed. It's been a bit stressful for Fred and me especially when mixed with the other conditions I have. It's also increased my anxiety and I've found myself worrying about the spells or wanting to be sure I've planned for one or that I'm prepared for it! There are certain triggers that have been making the spells happen more frequently and for the most part I know what those are. I've been trying to avoid those to the best of my ability, but some of the triggers are impossible to avoid like mornings and  exercise. I still need to keep exercise in my weekly routine so I've had to really modify my workouts! 

I'm currently wearing a heart monitor and I have to wear it for one month. This has made taking blog pictures of certain outfits pretty challenging haha! It's not even that I think that monitor would look bad in pictures. I mean, it would look a bit unusual, but people live their lives with stuff like this all time. The reason it's been difficult is that I wear a lot dresses and there's no where for the actual monitor to go, because it's on a belt clip that you attach to the top of pants or a skirt.  
There are also electrodes connected to the monitor that are on my chest so there are sticky adhesive circles on my skin and it doesn't look the prettiest lol! It's really given me a new admiration for people that have to tend to similar monitors like this every day! They're amazing! I have to wear it for all of October, so don't worry, I will still be doing fall outfit pictures.
 I just might have to work around it for some photos. ;p

I also wanted to mention that I've thrown a new kind of doctor's appointment into my mix. Last month, I started going to biofeedback therapy. If you're an anxiety sufferer and especially if you experience chronic pain, I highly recommend looking into it! Biofeedback therapy uses treatment techniques to help train you and improve your health by using signals from your body. It's been helpful for me to learn more about the anxiety I experience and how the stress response in my mind triggers certain things in my body. I've learned relaxation techniques and some skills for changing my thought process when anxiety and or physical pain arise. It's also been nice to just get things off of my chest and talk with someone about what I'm going through. If you have anxiety, or if you're going through something really tough, you will never regret doing something to improve your mental health. You should never be ashamed, or feel weak for working on your mental health. Our mental health is just as important as our physical health! It's always smart to seek help when you need it! 

Be sure to check out my Instagram post from yesterday, because I partnered with Nationwide Children's Hospital for World Mental Health Day!
We have a couple of trips coming up this fall that I'm looking forward to! Fred and I are going to Arizona to visit my sister at the end of this month. We're so excited to spend time with her and have her show us some of her favorite spots! We will be there during Halloween and I know she has some really fun stuff planned for that. 

 We are planning another glamping trip too! I'm not quite sure where it will be yet, but I'm so ready to go on another getaway! 

We are spending Thanksgiving with Fred's family this year and I believe they're planning a trip for that week too!

The only thing that I'm not looking forward to with the trips is leaving my baby!!! I don't wanna be without Dreamy on the trips. He's my little bestie. We spend so much time together, its definitely going to be hard for me to be without him. These trips will definitely be the longest that I've been away from him. ;'(
I absolutely love my mini Fjallraven backpack
This one is the fog shade and I love the red detailing. 
What have you guys been up to?!
I've sure missed chatting with you all!


Christina xx

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