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Columbus, OH, USA
Hi, friends!

I've been loving my winter Fab Fit Fun box! I've wanted to try Fab Fit Fun for the longest time, so I was so excited to partner with them this season! I thought you guys might want to see what comes in one. I know I'd always wondered what kind of items come would be included!

I think this would make such an incredible Christmas gift! The items included were perfect for the season, cozy and festive! I got to try new makeup, new skincare, & some accessories and home items were included!

Bearpaw actually had an adorable and versatile black glove + head wrap set in the box. I'm so glad a lot of gals will be getting to try some Bearpaw items, because they're the best!
 You can use my code:
for $10 off of your 1st box!
Have you guys tried #fabfitfun yet?!


Christina xx

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*I've received product from Fab Fit Fun and Bearpaw. All opinions are 100% my own.
Thank you for supporting the companies that support BG by Christina! 

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