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Today, I wanted to share 6 ways that you can easily create a more ethical wardrobe!

1) Recycle
Recycling clothes is one of my favorite ways to make my wardrobe more ethical.
You can donate and/or sell items when you're done with them and then when you're looking for new clothes, you can thrift, or buy vintage.

Another way to recycle your wardrobe is to find a new use for a garment when you're finished with it. Fred and I have made rags out of old t-shirts that he no longer wears.

2) Rewear
Don't be afraid to wear something that you love over and over again. The old saying of "Never wear the same thing twice" is over! We become so wasteful if we take on that mentality.

"I usually wear the same dress 20 times...
RECYCLE. It's totally okay.
I even recommend it.
-Anna Wintour 

3) Repair
I think this one is often forgotten about in our country. We've become so quick to throw items away. However, a lot of garments that we throw away can be easily fixed! If a hole or tear is the problem, see if you can sew it. If you don't know how to sew, see if a friend does. 

Repairing is a good way to lengthen the life of a garment that you love. 

4) Think/Plan Before Buying
This one has helped me tremendously! I rarely impulse buy since I started planning before I shop. I like to keep an inventory on the items that I have for specific events and seasons, so that I always know what I have and what I'm actually in need of. It might sound tedious, but it's so worth it and it becomes second nature. It's too easy to go to a store and see something cute and just buy it because you like it. However, impulse buying really leads to more waste!

 If you just spend a little time planning what you actually need before you browse, it can make a huge difference.

5) Research Brands
Researching brands can be really eye opening. It's important to think about where our clothes are coming from and how they're being made. Researching also helps you find brands that are doing  great things!

6) Rent + Borrow 
I often forget this one, but it's such a smart tool to use when you're looking for one-time wear items. It can be as simple as asking a friend about a specific item, or raiding their closet before an event! You can also ask Facebook friends about specific items (no shame in sustainable fashion :p)

Companies that let you rent apparel for special events are another great resource. It's a win-win because you get to wear something really nice, but don't have to waste closet space on something you'll never wear again.

I was inspired by articles found on Ethical Fashion


Anama Tie Front Knit Top - Nordstrom Rack
Brushed Ribbed Top - Forever 21
Tie-Front Ribbed Top - Forever 21

Rachel Zoe Twiggy 2 Women's Dress Zip Boots -
Grayson Chelsea Boots In Velvet - Madewell
Kaden Velvet Booties - Off 5th

Brixton Motreal Cap - Nordstrom
August Company Chain Trim Newsboy Cap - Bloomingdale's
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Do you have any good tips that have helped you create a more ethical wardrobe?!


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