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Hi, guys!

For the past few of weeks, I've been using 3 products from Hello Body and I've fallen completely in love with them! They've totally changed my self-care routine for relaxing and skin pampering by eliminating my need for other products. You can treat your skin with these 3 items alone!

Hello Body is such an amazing company.
- They use natural & safe ingredients
- They're cruelty-free
- They celebrate the natural, authentic, unique beauty of real women everywhere

I was going to summarize their "about us" info, but it's too good not to share the whole dang thang:

"We believe that there is beauty in every woman and that the key to beauty is being natural. We are a community of authentic women, each with her own shape and individual style, and we want to encourage you to say goodbye to rigid rules and stereotypes. Our natural cosmetics provide what nature does best, so you can unleash your inner beauty and embrace who you are."

So, here is a little bit about the 3 items I'm using:

Okay, so this cleansing mousse is a super gentle cleanser. I like to use a cleanser 2 times a day and this one is gentle enough that I can. It also has a very creamy foam texture that I love! It feels very moisturizing and nourishing. Also, foam just makes bath-time fun, right?! 

2) COCO CLEAR Mud Mask | $34.99

I love a good mud mask.
 & There's just something about this one that feels super cleansing!
Oh, it also contains avocado oil! Anything avocado, sign me up! The avocado oil makes it really moisturizing and regenerating.

3) COCO RICH Lip Balm | $19.99

If your lips get dry, you NEED this balm. I'm serious, it's so so good. I hate when my lips feel dry, so  I tend to over gloss 'em in Fred's opinion haha. This has to be one of the most moisturizing lip balms I've ever used. It has a glossy texture so you can use it as a gloss too. It also smells heavenly. This smells like a summer day when you're sitting by the pool with suntan lotion on. This will be in my pool bag this summer. 
I forgot to mention that we took these at Hotel Leveque when we stayed there last weekend. 
I'm sure you all could tell this isn't our bedroom background from our home! 

Peep the unicorn art behind me. That's why I chose this corner for the shoot, so magical!
If you could only try one of these products, which one would it be?!
I'd probably say the mask, because I love to try out new masks!


Christina xx

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