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Hi, guys!

In honor or Earth Day being yesterday, I wanted to share a few things that I'm trying to do for our Earth. Maybe one of these will inspire you to make a little change where you can!
Also, please share what you do, so we can all be inspired by your efforts!

8 Things I Do To Show Love To Our Earth:

1) Recycle
It's crazy to me how much trash each person can generate!
 There's many ways that you can recycle and what it will look like for you will probably depend on where you live. You can research your city's recycling guidelines to find out how and what you can recycle. There are also a lot of pick up services available out there. We don't have pick up services available where we live, so Fred and I take our recycling to a drop off center close by. Drop off centers are always a great option! Just make sure you search online to see what items they accept.

2) Buy Recycled Clothes
This is one of my favorite ways to save the Earth. ;)
I love to thrift and I love buying vintage items! I know a lot of people find thrifting really difficult, especially for clothing. I agree that it can be difficult when you have something specific in mind that you're shopping for. However, I like buying online so that I can search through more things!
I buy on Etsy, Poshmark and Ebay.

3) Sell & Donate Your Unwanted Clothes
I take my clothes to a few different shops in my area that buy used clothing. You can search for shops in your area that buy used clothing and sell your items too. I also use clothing apps and sell my stuff online. You can find & shop my Poshmark closet here :)

4) Buy Less
The past couple of years, I've just bought less in general. My dislike for feeling like I've wasted something has only grown. I feel like I buy less each year which has helped me to generate less trash overall.

5) Try Package-less Beauty Products 
I'm so excited to give some package-less beauty and body-care items a try!
I've seen shampoo & soap and body-care bars and I'm going to buy them when I'm out.
If you're interested too, I've seen some at Lush and some on the Package Free Shop website!

6) Give Up Plastic Eating & Drinking Utensils
Plastic straws have been a hot topic here recently. I think this is one of the hardest ones to follow through with, but one of the most important! It's just convenient to grab utensils when you eat out and when you're on the go. I've never brought my own utensils with me except for water bottles and cups, but that's going to change! I'm wanting to create a little on-the-go pack of utensils that I can bring with me.

7) Use A Reusable Water Bottle, Coffee Cup, Etc.
I've been using a reusable water bottle for awhile now, but I'm newer to bringing my own cups to the coffee shop. I'm going to try my best to bring my own to-go cups for tea and coffee from now on!

8) Use Reusable Totes For Groceries 
I've gotta be honest and say that I often forget to bring my totes to the grocery store.
 I actually forgot them today when I was shopping and I was sad to see how many plastic bags that I used! I'm going to leave a few in my car so that I can be ready next time.  
 Do you like my green in honor of Earth Day week? :)

I think this little tropical print dress is the cutest vacation dress! & It's under $20!
 It's from Dokotoo, you can shop it here!

Also, this is the best, most versatile necklace that I'm obsessed with for summer! It's from Ettika and you can find it here. I'm loving the coin accessory trend right now. I just love the vintage vibe that they have! I also like how simple and dainty these layering ones are.
“We don’t need a handful of people being perfectly sustainable, we need millions of people doing it imperfectly” -unknown 
Found on the Dazey L.A. facebook page
Something fun I did this week:
Fred and I tried the Duck Donuts Citrus Assortment and it tasted like a little piece of summer! 
The assortment has a few key lime flavored donuts, how amazing is that?!
Please share with me what you do to love our Earth!


Christina xx

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