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Hi, guys!

Somehow you landed h e r e
 reading this in the midst of the whole wide web!

 That's special!


Guess what?

So are you!

Let this mantra be your reminder today that you are fearfully & wonderfully made:

Every body is a beach body!

That's right! I don't care what your shape or your size is. You're ready to get in that swimsuit this season! You are beautiful exactly as you are. What if you made a pact with yourself that you were only going to speak positive things over your body?

  • How would that impact your self-esteem? 
  • How would that impact your confidence? 
  • How much would you bloom? 
  • How much would it empower those around you to see their worth? 

I am nowhere near perfect when it comes to self-love. I still fixate sometimes on things that I deem imperfect about myself and let them get me down. However, I have come a really long way and I have true joy in my heart for the changes that I've made! I let myself be so much more human, if that makes sense? I give myself so much more grace. I do have to keep myself in check all of the time, especially in my self-talk, but I try to extend myself a lot more grace these days!

More importantly though, I try to remind myself how small of a significance my physical appearance  actually holds in the big scheme of things. I like to focus on what really matters when I'm having a bad self-love day. I like to focus on my kindness, my heart, the difference that I'm trying to make, my value in Christ... all the things that actually matter.

 Hopefully this helps one of you out there, sending you a hug!


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Are you going to make the promise to love your body this season?
You deserve it <3


Christina xx

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Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.

Isaiah 60:1

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