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Hi, guys!

H a p p y  M o n d a y !

 I am soo excited for this post! I've found a company & a product that I absolutely love. I always get so excited to share something with you when it's something that just gets me really excited!
The company is Simply Earth and the product is their monthly recipe boxes!

I know that a lot of you already know that I'm obsessed with essential oils and have been for quite awhile. I use them every day and I've found some of them to be super effective in my recent health, home, and beauty endeavors! However, I haven't shared much about it here, or on social media.

I'm now on the Simply Earth squad and I can't wait to be sharing all of the things that I make with you guys. Simply Earth doesn't just sell essential oils, they also sell monthly recipe boxes, which in my book are the coolest subscription boxes around! Each box contains 4 essential oils, natural ingredients, and fun extras. I was seriously blown away by how much came in the box! They also come with a handful of recipes to make out of the items that come in the box. How cool is that!?
 The August box has a skincare theme, so there were multiple recipes for natural skincare items included in it. I made the clear skin roll-on and it only takes 2 steps to make!
Keep scrolling to see the how-to!

If you would like to try the recipe boxes for yourself, go to this link
& use the code:
 to receive a $40 gift-card with your initial subscription box and get a BONUS BOX too!

You can use the gift-card towards your next box, or toward your future purchases!
The boxes are only $39 a month and they have over $150 worth of items in them, so its a really awesome deal!
 Needed: Almond Oil, Simply Earth Clear Skin Essential Oil Blend, Roll-On Bottle
 1) Add 8 drops of Clear Skin Essential Oil Blend into the roll-on bottle
 2) Fill the rest of the bottle up with Almond Oil, swirl to mix 
& That's it! Simple as that! 
To use, just apply it to the affected area as needed.  
Have you tried essential oils?
& Could you use a natural clear skin roll-on?


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