BG by Christina: Marriage | Our Annual Apple Picking Date + Fall This-Or-That Q's With Fred!

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Marriage | Our Annual Apple Picking Date + Fall This-Or-That Q's With Fred!

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Hi, friends!

Happy Wednesday!

I hope you're all getting into that cozy, autumnal mood!
 I wanted to share pictures from our annual apple picking date with you. I didn't realize how many we had taken until I uploaded all of these into this post! We never get this many usable shots from a shoot! We pretty much had a whole section of the orchard to ourselves, so we felt really comfortable and were able to just play around! I think that's why we got so many shots that I love. There is a little orchard near us and we go there every year to pick apples and get cider. Some of my favorite memories since we've been married have been from apple picking there! I'm SO happy I have pictures from this day, because it was one of my favorite days with Fred. Sometimes when we do a shoot together, it can be a little bit stressful trying to get specific shots. But this day is one of my favorite days and I'm so happy we have all of these photos from it! That's so special!
Fall This-Or-That
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Apple Picking or Hay Rides
F: Apple picking, because I haven't been on a hay ride in a long time.
C: Apple picking, because of my fall memories apple picking!

Bonfires or Football Games
F: Bonfires
C: Bonfires

Trick-or-Treating or Pumpkin Patch
F: I guess trick or treating. Now, I'd rather go to a pumpkin patch, but I have nostalgia for trick-or-treating and it's what I would choose when I was younger.
C: Probably trick-or-treating, because CANDY. It's also really fun to see everyone dressed up!

Apple Pie or Pumpkin Pie
F: Oh dang  (he loves ALL pie) I guess pumpkin for fall.
C: Pumpkin!

Halloween or Thanksgiving
F: Definitely Thanksgiving
C: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Dinner or Leftovers
F: Thanksgiving Dinner, is that even a question?
C: Dinner of course!

Ghosts or Wizards
F: I guess Wizards, ghosts have nothing to offer
( lol, he gon be haunted for saying that ^^ ;p )
C: Wizards, they're not as creepy!

Hocus Pocus or Halloweentown
F: Halloweentown
C: Halloweentown

Cinnamon or Nutmeg
F: Cinnamon, nutmeg is yuck.
C: Probably nutmeg!

Hot Chocolate or Tea
F: I prefer hot chocolate, I'm more inclined to drink tea, because it's healthier but I prefer hot chocolate!
C: HOT COCOA (agreed ^^)

Candy Apples or Caramel Apples
F: Neither, they're both sticky and hard to eat and not as good as regular apples.
C: Caramel apples! He cray ^^ 

Leaf Jumping or Leaf Crunching
F: Leaf jumping!
C: Leaf jumping! I love the smell of leaves when you jump into that big pile.

Carve Pumpkins or Make Pumpkin Pie
F: I ain't never made pumpkin pie. lol So carving pumpkins.
C: Carve, because I love to pull out the pumpkin guts lol

Pumpkin Spice Lattes or Chai Tea Lattes
C: Pumpkin Spice!

Corn Maze or Haunted House
F: Haunted house, you can always see the way out of the corn mazes.
That's only because he's so tall. 
C: Shudder... neither! I think haunted house if I had to pick, because Children of the Corn has scarred me for life. Buttt I think I changed my mind. I'd probably pick a corn maze if it came down to it. I used to love corn mazes as a kid.
"I know you said corn maze."
He knows I'm a scaredy cat.
Fred laughing at me after it fell off of my head!
 This photo is how it really is. ^^ We are actually really silly together!

I hope you guys enjoyed our apple picking adventure and I hope you're having a great week!


Christina xx

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