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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Style | OOTD Monochromatic Blush From Head To Toe!

*I've received product from JustFab and Capsul Jewelry. All opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting the companies that support BG by Christina. Some links might be affiliate links. I only share what I love.
 Happy Thursday, friends!

First let me just say


for all of the love on my Anne of Green Gables post from yesterday! You guys are so amazing & so kind to me. I was not expecting that outpour of love from you guys. It always makes my heart so happy when you like and support a post that I create!
 Especially when it's as special to me as the Anne one was! I truly appreciate it.

I hope you guys like today's ootd! I've already posted it to Instagram and there were a lot of questions about these blush booties! They're from JustFab, but I believe they're out of stock. I have very similar pairs linked down below for you! (:

I also wanted to show off this sweet and special customized necklace that I got from Capsul Jewelry. I collaborated with them on Instagram and they kindly gifted me with one of their custom signature necklaces. This would make such a unique Christmas gift for someone! The necklace is made from custom handwriting that you send in to them! I wrote bloom for mine, because of the special meaning for me. I've always loved the quote

"Bloom where you are planted."
Saint Francis de Sales 

I have similar pieces for the whole look below
& the Amazon pearl headbands shown are the headband pack that I got!
 I got the beige and pink pack.

If you had to wear one color from head to toe, which color would you choose?!


Christina xx

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